Happy news!

I just thought I’d share some happy news…we found out at the OB’s Tuesday that we’re having a boy!! We’re so happy. We were hoping for a boy for our first and hopefully we’ll luck out with a girl for our second haha. :smiley: I even told my BIL an hour before the appointment that I thought we were having a boy and the first thing I bought after finding out about the pregnancy was a “King of the Crib” onesie from a thrift store which I brought home as a joke for my guy.

She did a u/s in the office, per usual for our monthly appointment, so we even got a preview of my 21w scan (I’m 19w now) too and so far everything is looking really good (thank goodness!) so I’m feeling much less worried about the scan in two weeks.

Of course there’s still a concern the baby will get too big, but I was so happy to hear on Tuesday that she doesn’t automatically force induction or c-sections on her diabetic patients. She said that she won’t let me go past my due date and that induction and/or a c-section is dependent on my health, the babies and my diabetes but that she doesn’t have a “recipe” that is applied across the board for all her patients.

I’m super happy my pregnancy endo team sent me to her. My guy met her for the first time at this appointment and he really likes her which is also important. From the beginning she has been super supportive and non-judgmental about my diabetes.

Still dealing with the horrid morning resistance of spiking around 6am but working on it with my endo team to figure out if I need more Levemir or if my dinner dose needs to be lowered (since half the week I have a low around midnight and I’m being careful not to over correct). Getting there!

Congratulations!! This is sooo exciting :slight_smile:

I am going for my first ultrasound on monday. Nervous and excited all at the same time. I have the same baby doc as you
(because you recommended her) but I still haven’t met with her. The docs office messed up the referral and she has a back log of patients, but hopefully soon… I am already coming up to 12 weeks! Perhaps I need to make a bit more of a fuss.

Anyways congrats on your wonderful news!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy for you and your news! Isn’t it such a relief to see and hear that the baby is ok? It’s also great that you have such a supportive endo!

@perk AWESOME! She is great, I hope I can have her next time too lol :slight_smile:

@Erica1710 - thanks! It made me feel a lot better fir sure! I am counting my blessings I have a great endo team and OB!