Happy Thanksgiving

I know some people think it is cheesy, but I think it is so incredibly important to take this one time each year to think about what we are thankful for. So, I'm hoping you all will add on to this string about things you are thankful for related to Diabetes. We get so stuck in the crappy things sometimes and lately my complaint has been doing these midnight and 3am checks because my daughter just started on the pump.

But seriously -- I am so thankful that the pumps even exist today. I started reading the book, "Needles" by Andie Dominick last night (thanks to a string here that led me to it). Even just 20 years ago, things were not this "easy."

So... I am thankful for the researchers, scientists, endocrinologists, and educators who spend their lives helping people like us -- who look for better ways to manage this disease while also pushing to find a cure. THANK YOU!!!

I agree with Chris. There is so much stuff that we all need to be thankful for. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I am thankful for all my friends and family who have supported me over the years. For those who have guided my health and well being and those who have taken care of me during my High's and Low's. Mainly the lows. Life is good, sure I have my days. But I am so blessed to have so many people who have helped me over the years. Plus you guys, you have helped me sometimes too. So thank you.

I am thankful that I recently found Juvenation so that I can finally talk to people who understand my lifestyle. I am thankful for the amazing nurses, social workers and everyone at Children's Medical Services in Daytona Beach and the doctors and nurses at Shand's hospital who give Brandan the BEST care and love him dearly. I am thankful for the opportunity to hopefully improve Brandan's lifestyle with a pump.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING :) First I too am thankful for Juvenation, its so great that we have this... and also for the supplies etc we have for diabetes these days.. when I was younger there was no short acting insulan.. I took Regular and NPH and had to wait like an hour to eat or something like that. so thanks Humulog lol.

Even tho Diabetes is a full time job.. It made me understand from a young age that I was not invinsable & to try and appreciate life. it made me know THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH.. it DEF makes me try and be a healthier person for sure :)

and i cant believe I forgot my family and friends especially my mother who took on this disease with me... I couldnt imagine having a 6 year old up all night screaming crying with migranes from low blood sugars and going to work the next day.. or having her pass out all the time, not being able to leave her alone, waking up all night to test her, hospitals supprt groups docters supplies etc. i freakin love my mom thank u so much

I must say that I am thankful that my new endo is understanding and caring.  She listens and converses with me like a human and not like a textbook patient.  Not that there was anything wrong with my previous endo, but sometimes finding a good doctor and building a strong relationship with them is quite difficult, especially when endos are few and far between.  When chaning doctors, it can be pretty scary to meet the new person and you hope that your health won't suffer if there are philosophical differences in how to treat your T1 since there really is no 'right' way to handle the disease.  On that end, I am thankful for Juvenation for providing a vehicle for people to share how they handle this disease and what techniques they use to manage it.  I have learned alot, even though I do not post alot, and think that it is a great supplemental tool to all the other information we are bombarded with from MDs, RNs, and diabetes educators.

First I would just like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!! This year I would have to say that I have a lot to be thankful for.  First I am thankful for Juvenation.  This site and the people on it have greatly helped me these past couple of months.  I was diagnosed in August so this site has helped me feel better on some of those really bad days and has helped me learn so much more about this disease.  I am also thankful for technology.  I recently got approved for my pump and my insurance is covering the cost 100%.  Finally I am thankful for my family, especially my husband, who have helped me with adjusting to having diabetes.  My husband is also a type 1 diabetic and he has really helped me these past couple of months with adjusting to everything. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I am thankful for juvenation also, it has really helped so much to have all of you to help me. I feel better now that I have the pump and the information all of you helped me with. This has been a difficult change in my life, but I am grateful for the knowledge and new friends.

Cool...I like this post already!  Everyone here pretty much stated the same things I'm thankful for too. 

I am thankful for my awesome purple pump which I decorated with cute little stickers.  It has made my life with Diabetes so much easier by far.  I am also thankful for my dad who is a pediatrician but specializes in pediatric pulmonology as he and my sister are asthmatics.  However, once I was diagnosed, he went full speed ahead in researching all that he could on T1 Diabetes, including attending medical seminars specifically about the disease.  Some of these seminars were even out of state, but that didn't slow him down.  I get updates every now and then from him about the latest pump technology or the latest break through on research, etc. I'm thankful for my husband who never judges me and is so patient with me.  He also is very supportive and has even completely changed his diet to eat "healthy" along with me and is always coming up with new and fun ways for the both of us to get exercise together.  I love that!  I am thankful for my teenage niece who is always so curious and would rather ask me than assume anything when it comes to my Diabetes.  I'm thankful for the healthier life I'm living because of Diabetes.  (I have to admit that amongst many of my childhood and highschool friends, I am one of the few who has not changed in size.  Not that there's anything wrong with them, I'm just saying that I have more of a reason and motivation to exercise and eat healthier.)  Last but not least, I'm thankful that Diabetes is not a death sentence disease and is one that is very manageable.