Happy Valentines Day

just wanted to wish everyone on Juvenation a happy valentines day. what does everyone have planned? i am going out to my favorite restaurant with my boyfriend Eric.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU AND EVERY ONE ELSE AS WELL..... Lucky us owns one of the Toyota Camry's that have been recalled so we get to spend our Valentines Day at the dealership waiting to get the car fixed :).....But then after that, what could make a womans heart more happier than going SHOPPING :)....Hope every one has a good one and make sure you tell all those special to you that you LOVE them


Hugs and Kisses to all

My truck is broke down so my husband can't even go get the flowers I look forward to once a year. :( Bah Humbug! I have a special treat put together for the boys, though. :)

I got the kids each a stuffed animal. The boys a tiny box of chocolates and Riley a dry erase board by that tattoo design guy blah cant remember his name. Its hot pink anyhow and funky so she will like it.

I got my hubby a card a box of chocolates and a new tv (thankful for tax returns lol)

He went and got me a box of chocolates last night. He was going to get me windows 7 for my laptop cause I hate vista but they were out. So today he was/is I guess going to drive across town to get me a ring (lmao wishful thinking) not a ring but bedding I have been wanting.

I'm playing pond hockey with my cousins.

Happy V-day everyone! I am going to be just hanging with the hubby taking it easy! Remember to bolus for all those Valentine's chocolates!! my fave are the caramel mmmmMMMmmmMMMmmmm 3 of them are 21 carbs ahaha

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! seeing as my boyfriend is grounded :( we are going to be on video chat all day. he says hi! lol

i'll be spending the day watching harry potter movies. he's my boyfriend.

Happy V day to all who celebrate it.  Since we dont its just going to be another regular day for us.

Mardi gras parades!!!!!!!

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i'll be spending the day watching harry potter movies. he's my boyfriend.


ha! i was just watching harry potter 3 lol

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i'll be spending the day watching harry potter movies. he's my boyfriend.


haha same here but with draco malfoy haha

and i worked on homework.. the extent of my love life.. i guess you could say i love school?

I had orchestra rehearsal.  It is my love, lol.  And I'm planning on watching the Olympics with my family :D

happy belated v-day.

i'm not a huge fan, don't normally do anything(last year i held a party and we got wasted haha). was suppose to go to couples yoga last night(bf's sister-in-law runs a yoga company i go to now) but we last minute on friday agreed to go to van for the weekend with two of my girlfriends. so instead, we woke up sunday morning at his cousins in poco and he took me out to mission so i could meet his sisters, his neices & nephew and his mom(whose T2 but is not like my dad's mom and was REALLY understanding about the differences between them and all that!)!

then we were stuck waiting for the 7pm ferry cuz the 5pm was full..the four of us watched the men's mongule with a bunch of other people waiting and he got us all ice cream to make up for missing yoga and not getting me flowers. haha. he's gonna take me out for dinner & a hotel stay in the next couple weeks cuz we've got this "dine in & stay around victoria" discount thing going on!

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i'll be spending the day watching harry potter movies. he's my boyfriend.


isn't he a little young for you ;)

in real life, he's 20. i can handle 5 years :D:D:D

i don't go by the ages in the books because that's completely illegal.

went to the movies with my boy freind<3

seeing as i dont have a boyfriend (except for justin bieber...... but apparently that doesnt count.........) HAPPY SINGLES AWARENESS DAY!!!!!!

i know im a little late but still!