*hard to tell*

do u guys have a hard time just knowing when ur high or low without testing?

sometimes i think im low and when i test im either fine, or actually high  -__-  and the opposite happens as well: i think im fine or even high, but when i test im actually low or normal

im so confused b.c i cant tell how im feeling anymore. its been 15 yrs and ive been on the pump for about 8yrs. why is this happening now?  =/

That happens to me occasionally. Lately moreso than before. I've been diabetic for close to seven years and it seems to only be happening lately. I don't really know why, but I definitely understand what you're talking about.

For example, the other day, my BG was 122 and I felt like it was 60. However, I think that might be because I was poorly controlled for a while when my old pump was malfunctioning, so the constant highs I used to have are making me feel low more often.

Have you gone through anything similar lately? Just a suggestion. Good luck with trying to figure it all out.

This disease can be quite mysterious sometimes. :)

Part of the problem could be just the fact that you are so used to looking for symptoms that you are making them feel like they are there. Kinda like the imaginary buzzing cell phone in your pocket, (Granted sometimes that is my CGM, but that is another story). If we are always trying to sense the problems we lose focus on the overall symptoms that we are used to. I mean, okay my heart is racing that must mean there is a high going on, or I am hot that must mean that I am high, oh good I am sweaty that must mean I am going low.

Sometimes it is just our body playing tricks on us even if we think we are feeling something or are so used to that being the cause that when it is another reason it confuses the heck out of us.

When I'm low I feel very anxious, jittery, my heart speeds up, I get sweaty...classic stuff.  When I'm really just anxious, I feel low (same symptoms) but the stress often makes my blood glucose rise and when I check, I'm high.

Any thing happening like that with you?

I also have this problem occasionally. Lately, I've felt THIRSTY when I'm LOW. It's really throwing me off as you can imagine!