Hardest to cope with

What is the hardest thing to cope with when it comes to diabetes? Just one.

For me it'd be watching those around me being able to eat anything whenever they want without having to think twice about it. It's hard to not want to go back to that, as I had almost 18.5 years of my life without diabetes.


So what's your one thing?

Trying to remember I'm not alone, when it feels like I am :P


Fear. It sneaks up on me.

The hardest part is never getting a break. . . . ever . . . . and how no one (without T1) around me can understand the concept of something being always and forever. And then those people me shit about not having perfect control. It makes this illness extemely lonely.

its amazing how everyone has different ideas. Ariana.. i can relate to you because I still even after only being diagnosed a year and a half, wonder when this it will end... not realizing that it won't and I don't get a break.

The feeling of helplessness. The fact that I can't do anything to make her better.

I think it is the realization that aside from a few close friends and I do mean a few, that people truly do not understand what challenges I face on a daily basis. The planning that needs to go into every single thing, the worry about forgetting something essential, etc. I mean I do it and move on, but if I were to say to a friend, oh I am waiting for my new shipment of infusion sets come in for my pump. It would than entail a twenty minute conversation plus show and tell to explain why I need this to come in. Not that I mind, but its not like people run out there to educate themselves when they hear that I am a diabetic.

Worse is when they run off old assumptions about what I can and can't do. I am pretty sure I know what I can and can't do...

The absolute total frustration that now matter what I do, nothing gets rid of this.

I couldn't agree more

I agree with Brian here. I constantly feel like I have to plan my life around an unruly child. Other things that really bother me; causing my husband and siblings to worry about me, and having to depend on Eli Lily and Novo Nordisk to survive.

When the best I can do isn't good enough and he suffers for it.

I would say feeling that I have an extra load compared to everyone else. I'm very competitively natured, and am currently attempting to get into medical school. It's frustrating thinking how much more I have to deal with compared to everyone else I am competing with. I think it's kind of unhealthy to rationalize like this, but I know for sure there is some truth behind it. 

trying and trying to get in control, then getting the on high that throws me of...and i go out of control agian...

Like Ariana and Melissa, it's that I never get a break, and also that while I'm dealing with this and not getting any breaks I have to make my diabetes fit into a world that doesn't know or care what it is like to live with a chronic illness.

 I am always diabetic, no matter what else might happen.  If I am tired and just want to go to bed but I'm low, or my pump runs out of insulin, I have to take care of the diabetes before I can go to sleep.  If I want to wear an outfit with no pockets, I have to figure out where the pump goes.  If I'm starving and just want to eat everything in sight, I have to count carbs, test, bolus, the whole shebang.  And if I ever decide to ignore diabetes and just do what I want, the consequences are serious. 

Thanks for sharing, everone.  It''s really nice to know that there are others out there who feel the same way.

For me its hard to eat well and I worry all the time.

I completely agree with Melissa T. I absolutly HATE watching all my friends just stuff that cookie down their mouths whenever they feel like it... while i just sit there and wishh i could eat that cookie 2!!! or if my BG is high and i can't eat something until it goes down, while everyone around me is eating whatever they want no matter how many carbs it is GRRRR!!!!! It can get SUPERRR annoying, but i guess it's just part of my life noww!!! I also don't like when i'm sickk and how i get scaredd and worriedd about wats wrong and if it's because of my diabtes or not!!!! it can get ANNOYINGGG!!! 

To try to control my son's BS #'s when I am some what of a control freak....trying to control the uncontrollable....many lessons to be learned here.

my hardest one thing is it makes you grow up fasteer than you want to and you have to be more responsible

I'd say the most difficult thing to deal with for me is wishing people could understand what it is that we go through on a daily basis, with the mood swings, physical pain, and psychological effects. I mean most people that because their grandparent was diagnosed at 65, that they understand what it is that I go through. I guess I feel like it isn't fair sometimes. But, Nature isn't here to be fair.