Harry Potter kind of rocks..... a lot

Does anyone else agree?

P.S. Harry Potter is superior to Twilight :D

Bite my head off for saying it, i don't care- because it's true ;)

Harry Potter doesn't even compare to Twilight......Harry Potter is AWESOME!!!  I cannot wait....in two weeks my husband and I are going on a cruise and we are stopping in Florida...we are going to the New Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios!!!!  Sooooo excited!!!!!  I am a HUGE fan! 

I've seen all the movies except the last one. I love them. I live close to Orlando, I would LOVE to go to Universal Studios. I like Twilight, too, but the books are better than the movies. ;) Hmm, I haven't read any Harry Potter books. Are they as good as or better than the movies?

oh, geez. whoever started this post is determined to oust my inner dork.

harry potter is my boyfriend. and yes the books are immensely better than the movies.

i think that's all i need to say. the mere mention of harry potter and i have a hard time containing myself...

Although the movies are really good......the books are soooo much better!!!!  You need to read them right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't let another day pass!  I'm a little like C.......Harry and I have a connection!!! 


Hahaha C! I thought of you as soon as I saw this thread, but I wasn't going to "out" you. LOL

I think I might read the books and share them with my boys some day. We haven't finished the Wizard Of Oz novels yet, though. :)

haha, trish :o) i think i've come to terms with my geekery only because there are so many others out there like me. i'm not the only 25 year old in love with a fictional wizard! :op

So, which Harry Potter book does everyone like best?  I would have to say mine is Goblet of Fire!!!  I love the Triwizard Tournament!!!

[quote user="Angela"]

So, which Harry Potter book does everyone like best?  I would have to say mine is Goblet of Fire!!!  I love the Triwizard Tournament!!!


i'm not sure which i like the best.. but i think i like the deathly hallows the best.

my favorite book and movie so far is the goblet of fire. i think i would enjoy the movies more if they stopped making them PG.  :op

No way, Twilight rcks

Hey! I just found out that "Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince" is coming on HBO this weekend. :) Gotta love HBO for givin' me a new movie every Saturday night since I've got nothin' else to do. ;)

Did anyone watch the Today Show this morning?  They had the opening of the New Harry Potter Theme Park in Disney World!!!  My husband and I will be visiting in about a week.......we are cruising to Florida and the Bahamas.....when we stop in Florida we chose the theme park for our excursion!  I am soooo excited!  C...if I see Harry is there anything you would like me to say for you????:D

haha, thanks for the offer angela, but my love remains with the idea of the character and not the actor... or some teenager who happens to look like him. ALTHOUGH, that doesn't stop me from attempting to plan a trip there next year... HAHA. i need a job first, though :o) do you think harry potter land needs any dietitians? maybe i should look there for a job!

I am sure they could use a dietician to help with the nutrition info on things like chocolate frogs, something from the leaky cauldron, and botts beans!!!!  Good Luck with finding a job!!!

TWILIGHT IS THE BEST!!!!!! my friends and i have already made plans to see eclipse! hahhahahahah

you are welcome to start a twilight forum too if you want. i know there are lots of people on here who agree with you.

My cable started screwing up about 30 minutes before the new Harry Potter movie came on and I missed the beginning, so I'm not watching it. :( It will be on On-Demand soon though.

I'm a fan of Twilight as well, but C is right, this is about her boyf... I mean... Harry Potter. :)

haha, trish. i know there are TONS of people out there who love twilight (most of my friends included). i just happen to not be a fan. i read the books and thought they were ok (a little too romantical for me), and i wasn't impressed the movies. to each his own, i suppose :o) i'll stick with wizards.