Has anyone else gone OFF the pump?

Ive been on the pump since i was 12 so for 10 years, and recently went off it and i guess im just checking to see how it’s working out for others that have done the same. I found that it just cost so much and I wasn’t sure it was worth it in my case. I d rather eat on a schedule and take needles anyway. I find that on the pump I ate whenever, whatever because I could and my dad ( also tpe 1 ) went off his and had much more sucess loosing weight. Plus on a kind of girly note I wanted to be able to wear my favorite outfits without being connected…I mean 10 years 24/7 was starting to get to me, and always trying to find comfortable night pants with a strong enough waist band. The only problem I feel I’m having off the pump is working out. I’m trying to figure out if I should take my novolog pre-work out for the workout stress high, and then have lunch after to balance the coming low Or if that wouldn’t work…my doctor didn’t really answer the question, anyone else have suggestions?
Thanks : D

I went off my pump about a year ago after having one for about ten years. I was having to much scar tissue on my abdomen, "I could never use my thighs, "too sensitive". Also it was getting way too expensive. I dont take my novolog before I work out, work out lowers my bg's..

I decided to stop using the pump after about 9 years or so after my tubing cracking in my sleep.  It caused me to go into DKA my one and ONLY time in my almost 15 years as a T1.  After this incident, I decided I didn't want my life relying on a machine so I went off the pump for about a year.  During this time I realized I had much worse control and honestly it felt weird not having my pump.  I have a hard enough time remembering to bolus when the darn thing is attached to me, yet alone having to remember taking shots.  This being said, I returned to it and I'm doing better (sort of).  I think it's a personal choice you need to make depending on what works best for you.  If shots are your friend, then shoot up sister!  As for me, I prefer to be plugged in :)  Good luck!

Thanks for responding! As for Jon I completely understand the scar tissue thing, I did pump into my thighs but now that I'm off the pump I can't use them, I just end up with little bumps of insulin pockets ( at least that's what I think they are ha ). And as for Poet i can understand what you're saying, but in reverse, I use to just pump without testing or learning how much insulin to take or if different things, I just pumped a guess and then pumped more when I'd go high.  And on a really girly note I've worn more skirts and dresses in the past 4 months than I have in 10 years!

Thanks again for posting, its definetly a personal preference!

I am considering going back to injections as well. I have been a t1 for 40 years and been on the pump for the past 12. The site issues have gradually gotten worse and mt BG's more unpredictable. If I take a show for a correction, I never have any issues, I have an appointment with my Endo on Tuesday so will discuss switching to Lantus with injections of Apidra or Humalog for meals. I have been thinking about this for some time and this is my personal experience and I know there are people who have great success. Wish it were different for me.

I had a terrible time when I was forced to go back to injections. My experience with Lantus has not been typical, though.  My sensitivity to it varied at different times of the day, so I often had pre-dawn hypoglycemic epidsodes. I missed my pump and was happy to go back on it.  

I was having trouble getting my insurance company to pay for my pump supplies so I owed medtronic more than $1,000 so for almost a month I went back to injections. I didn't mind it the first week but since I ride my bike 2 times a day and do other workouts, I have to eat many meals and snacks so I was using like 5 to 10 syringes a day. It got old really fast.

YEAH!!! The stupid insurance company figured out what they were doing and payed Medtronic and now I have the supplies!!!!

I am so glad to be back on my pump!!!! :) :) :) :)

I do have to admit, it was nice sleeping without the pump on but that was the only nice thing.

Another thing I LOVE about the pump is I can adjust the basal for when I'm working out. I get so many lows when I have to use Lantus.

I have been on injections with Lantus and Apidra for almost a week now. it took a bit to get the Lantus dose correct. It is actually a bit lower now than the Basal rate i had with the pump. So far so good all around.

Today my BG range has been from 82 - 125. Four readings, three in the 80's