Has anyone ever felt low when they were high

i am 174 right now when i feel like im 54. i have also felt this way before and wanted to know who else can relate.

me. happens all the time. feel high when i'm low and low when i'm high. wth, diabetes?

The big D is a tricky little minx.  This happens to me too, but usually it's me feeling low when I'm actually at a normal number.

That happens to me all the time. It normally happens after I have been high for a little, so when I drop down to a normal range, I feel low. Weird Weird Weird

funny this conversation came up... i feel low AND high at the same time right now (really thirsty with that crazy "going downhill on a roller coaster" feeling).... let's do a blood test. it's....


204. awesome.

right now i still feel high when i am slowly coming down after eating bout an 1 1/2 hrs ago. i feel nauseated so i am gonna check keytones, just to be safe. i have 2.3 units still working right now. i will wait another half hr and retest


This usually happens to me when I am nervous. I will get that low shaky feeling but when I test I am normal or high. It happens more than I would like it to lately.

I also have experienced what C was saying where I am really thirsty like I am high but I test and I am low.

yeah this has happened to me, its a weird feeling and sort of a "its not fair!" moment because you feel like you should eat but then you can't



This has happened to me more times than I can recount.  Of course, the most fun for me was in my late teens- when they told me that alcohol would raise my blood sugar, period.  So I went off to college and tried an adult beverage (shots are low carb) so I figured it wouldn’t raise me too much… interestingly, I felt like my sugar was going up, and since I was told it should go up, I gave some insulin (yes, it was dropping).  Knowing what I know now, it all seems so stupid but, yes, it was good for a trip to the ER… 


Anyhow, the old saying “trust but verify” is also good advice where blood sugars are concerned, I’m afraid.  Whether I’m right about the level (and of course I usually am, LOL), testing is always the right answer.


Well – looks like I’ve found yet another way to arrive at a very long delivery for what should have been  a fairly short answer… LOL





if my sugar is high but dropping i feel low

If im hungry or havent eaten i will swear i am low and my blood sugar can be totally normal or high

Oh yes that always happens with me. I'll be like running to test my sugar, saying i need food and I'll test and it'll be almost 300 =X

I always feel dumb thinking i know my highs and lows and how they feel but i will be the opposite.

Yes, this happens to me all the time. Especially when I'm nervous, like HV said.

Yep, happens to me...in fact for the very same reasons Evamarie has. 

I second what HV said. Normally if I am nervous I will start to think I am going low, when more likely I am either fine or a little high. It is a weird thing. But that is why we test and if we are unsure of the number we test again. Better safe than sorry.

I have felt this way. It's unsettling because I have relatively good control now as well. So why does a 'normal' level create the low feeling? I blame the Humalog. I love the Humalog a lot, mind you, but I swear that it affects my neurotransmitters levels. I try to just breathe. Sometimes when I check in fifteen minutes, it's dropped really quickly. It might be the rate of change sometimes. However, sometimes, it just isn't explainable at all. The nagging feeling I get when this happens is that there actually is a true reason for this, and no one has found it yet or knows how to investigate the phenomenon. I hope it is rare that it happens because it is completely frustrating (if you feel like I do). I also feel silly when it happens.

that happens to me all the time.