Has anyone ever passed out from trying an insulin pump for the first time?

A few months ago, i took the pump class to get a pump. At the end, you try a pump and as soon as i inserted the needle tube thing in, everything went blurry and i fainted. Good thing the class was in the hospital.haha. Has anyone else had this experience?


I felt very uncomfortable putting in my first infusion site. It made my skin crawl, frankly, especially pulling the needle out after (shudder). My father, however, put an infusion site in before I did. He is not T1 or diabetic at all. I still remember the look on his face, a blank, shocky, instantly pale, sweating, shaking expression somewhere between horror and pain. I still can't believe he did that. It made me realize that he really loved me.

What did the people there say was the reason for you blacking out?

I blacked out one time when I watched an ingrown toenail being removed. Bad, bad idea. You can't always know how you'll react to something, seriously. I will tell you that the other two times, after that one, that I had the same mild surgery done, on the toe (I used to have horrible ingrown toenails), I didn't black out again. Blacking out once doesn't mean you will again.


OHH Yeah i hit the floor a few times (3 - 4 times) when i first got my pump... I found it strange because I have 6 tats and never had an issue with needles .. when I brought this to my endo's attention she said it was fairly common .. and she used a big word to describe it (sorry I can't recall the word she used)


I worked on my breathing when I was putting the new site in and also taking the old site out .. since then I've have manged to stay on my feet...




I have found that I faint when I have a combination of high emotion, a feeling of loss of control, and medical issues I faint.  I have never fainted in relation to an infusion set, but have three other times (twice in the vet's office and once after giving birth).  I realize that I am not a ton of help, but hope that it at least broadens understanding.

They were kinda surprised that i passed out. They said maybe it was just that the site where i put it wasn't right for me. i've never had a problem with needles before though but i'm glad i'm not the only one that had a wierd feeling the first time

when i put my first infusion set in, i almost passed out because of how nervous i was. i was afraid my site would be kinked,etc. my pump class was also located in the hospital. i swear had i not taken a few deep, calming breaths, i would have fainted.