Has anyone ever

Just curious. Does anyone donate to JDRF??  Has anyone ever donated to JDRF??

I never have personally, but my mom went to like Marshalls or some store like that when I was still in the hospital when diagnosed and they asked if she wanted to donate $5 to JDRF and she was like yeah I guess I should! She told me about it and she ended up donating it under my name! :)

I will usually get something to the JDRF each year. Either through sneaker sales, donating to another walker for the walks, or buying stufflike bracelets or something that supports the cause.

My parenst donate $10,000 a year to JDRF. They really want a cure...

My parents, relatives, and friends donate to JDRF every year for the walk.  I've fund-raised for the ADA but never directly for JDRF.

I donate to charities but JDRF is not on my list. I give $ to Maryland Special Olympics (couple hundred a year) and I donate to a guy in my orchestra who does stuff for Leukemia.

The first Christmas my husband and I had together (still dating) he donated to ADA in my name and his company matched it.  It was a pretty sweet gift.  Now, I try to donate only to JDRF because all their funds are geared toward T1 research and there is less money for that than for T2. 

I always dontate to JDRF but not ADA.  I feel like the mission of JDRF is to find a cure, where as ADA spends more $$ on other things (like overhead, marketing, etc).  Plus, JDRF is specifically dealing with Type 1.

Each time I make a donation to JDRF, regardless of the amount, they send something -- beautiful address labels, cards, notepaper, etc. They usually include a request for an additional donation. 

I don't have a lot to give, but I feel like each bit ($5, $10) helps!!!

I agree; more of the money %-wise that you donate to JDRF goes to research (the last figure I saw was 97%), as opposed to the ADA. 

I have done the Walk to Cure I think almost every year since I was diagnosed - and that was back in 1986!  Yes, I was the kid who gave you the guilt trip of "I have juvenile diabetes, and I was wondering if you'd like to donate for research to find a cure for it....."....  my mom was smart! 

I fundraise for them every year, plus I donate a yearly membership contribution of around $25.