Has anyone gone thru IVF

I had my 3rd IUI last week so I won't know if it worked until next week.  But when I was in the docs office he said at this point I might want to think about my other options...which are to go thru IUI 1 more time, do injectable drugs (which has a VERY high risk of multiples), or IVF.  I've read up on it but I don't know anyone that has actually gone through it.  I was wondering how bad the hormones are and if your BGs go totally out of control.  If anyone has any input please let me know.

Hi Karen,

I have a friend from growing up w/ T1 who tried IVF 2 or 3 times (can't remember). She told me her BG's were more managable than she had expected while taking those hormones. Her frustration was more that the docs were very, very cautious of multiples w/ the existing T1, so they only agree to implant 1 embryo (possibly 2 the last time). None ever worked, and she and her husband actually arrived back from Korea with a beautiful 13 month old boy last week!

If you have more specific questions, I can send her an email for you! But, D-wise, she said it was doable. It was the rest of the process she found more stressful...

Good luck. If it were me and you can afford it, I wouldn't rule it out b/c of the T1.


Thank you so much.  I'm hoping this time worked but if not we are doing 1 more IUI.  If that one doesn't work, if we can afford it, we are going to do some major research before deciding one way or the other.  If I have any other questions I'll take up on your offer to send her an email.  Again thank you so much.

I'll keep my fingers crossed you don't need to do it, but def send me a message if you want more info from my friend!