Has anyone here donated blood before? What was your hemoglobin g/dl count?

I donated blood for the first time this year in April and did it a second time back in June.  The nurses were really impressed with my hemoglobin count both times (this particular hemoglobin count indicates whether or not you are iron-deficient - it's *NOT* the hemoglobin A1C number we diabetics are so used to seeing!).  The first time I registered 15.8 g/dl and the second time I got 15.4 g/dl.  The average count for women is between 12-16, so I was at the high end of normal (considering up to 20% of women are iron deficient on average according to some citations, my numbers were really considered ideal).

While I didn't doubt that I had good iron levels (I eat a diet rich in both fish, a good heme iron source, and iron-rich vegetables for non-heme iron), I still wondered whether or not there might be some correlation with hemoglobin and diabetes, so I did a Google search and found this:


How about the rest of you who have donated?  Were your numbers statistically on the high end of normal?  Do you think our elevated A1Cs (compared to non-diabetics) could be contributing to increased red blood cell production somehow?

(Additionally, another cause of elevated hemoglobin is dehydration - I'll admit I'm not among the biggest water drinkers out there, so that could be contributing to my numbers...)

I have actually always been told that T1's couldn't donate blood (and, accordingly, I never have) - so I was surprised to read this!  Sorry I can't lend any experience to answer your question.

Sadly, in Canada you can't donate blood if you take insulin. T2's who use pills, exercise, diet can donate but T2's (and of course T1's) who take insulin cannot donate :(

I thought T1's couldn't donate blood either.  Now, I'm curious.

I let the nurses know I had T1 prior to donating.  They told me it wasn't a problem provided I wasn't using pig insulin, which was on their paper list of things disqualifying donation eligibility.

From what I remember reading, it varies from state to state, but most will take you if, like Khendra said, don't use pig or animal-based insulin.