Has anyone seen a Chiropractor for their Diabetes?

There has been a Dr at our Church doing a Health & Wellness workshop.  He offers a free screening so we went.  Because of the areas that showed up on the scan which were my kidneys & pancreas he seems to think that if we follow his directions, continue to take some stuff he gave me, that I wont be so insulin dependant! We are very excited  to see if this helps or not.  He has been adjusting me & man does it feel soooo good!  I go 3 times a week for a month, & then twice a week after that.

Has anyone else tried Chiropractor means to help with your diabetes?  My mom & I would love to hear any suggestions, testimonies, advice about it if you have it!

Happy World Diabetes Day to all!

i'm really sorry to be the first one to tell you this, but you will ALWAYS be insulin dependent until they find a way to fix your immune system and your pancreas. no amount of chiropracty and adjustments will help.

i've never actually seen a chiro myself, but we discussed homeopathic/osteopathic/natural remedies a lot in school. there are none for type 1 diabetes. there are ways to help control your blood sugars, but they are the normal things (food, exercise, etc.).

please be careful with this chiropractor. he sounds like bit of a quack to me if he claims to cure diabetes. herbals are NOT regulated by the FDA meaning they have the potential to be dangerous. they typically aren't recommended (there are exceptions, of course) for diabetics because of their interactions with insulin and blood sugars. be sure you make your endo completely aware of all medicines (herbals included) and non-traditional practices you are doing to treat diabetes.

I have seen a chiro but for other issues.   I didn't want to go but he did help with a rib issue I was having and after a doc told me to go, I did.  The unfortunate thing was that I stuck around too long, as they like you to do.  I ended up having more issues when I left than when I started.   He did try to use various supplements to help with insulin absorbtion (which I am assuming your guy is trying for you) in order to cut down on my daily intake.  I have tried many over the years but none have ever worked for me and have often sent by bg's in the other direction.   I have the feeling that many of these could help type 2 diabetics but not us.  I could be very wrong though.  I hope they work for you.   Good luck.

I have been going to a chiropractor for a few years for back issues. Never in that period of time has he claimed to help me in taking care of my diabetes. In fact while he knows i am a diabetic, that is about as far as the conversation ever goes. I have never hear from anything that I have read or talked to my endo about, that Chiropractic care can help cure diabetes or make one less insulin dependent. I will try to shoot a message off to my chiropractor if I can get in touch with him and see what he actually can tell me. I haven't harassed him in a while now. I will try to keep you posted. Now I don't want to crush your hopes in this matter, but I would be careful around this doctor and not get your hopes up to much.

I know  a lot of wholistic docters practice onder a chiropracter because they can use insurance etc under this.

Its so funny cause I was just in the health food store and i asked the lady where the diabetec vitamins are and she goes do you juice? i said yes, she goes u know we have alot of people in here including me who are off insulan thanks to juicing etc i go well im type 1, T1's cant "get off insulan" my body doesnt make it and she gave me this umm ok (like i dont know what i am talking about or am a non-believer) about the use of health foods to cure.

i know other people said it ill say it again... T1's cant "get off insulan" untill there is a cure



I have been going to a chiropractor for 4 years now and I love it!! It does nothing for my diabetes, nor does the doc tell me it will. I do not take any supplement pills from him.  I use to get headaches all the time, and I mean ALL the time. Since going to the chiropractor, I hardly ever get headaches.  It has done wonders for my overall health!

I went to a chiropractor for the pain I was having before I was daignosed T1 diabetic. I didn't work. Nothing worked until I was treated with insulin. My chiropractor has a son who is T1 and he thinks the adjustments help manage diabetes. I think they help manage his income and not me. They all have the same program, 3 x week, 2 x week, 1 x week. I have stopped going and haven't noticed anything change for the worse.

My dad, grandpa, four uncles and one aunt are all chiropractors... yes I know, crazy, but true!  I wish being treated help with our diabetes but no it doesn't.  If you are experiencing headaches, backaches or really any joint pain a chiropractor is the way to go.  Some chiropractors deceive their patients to get more visits in the office.  I wish I had better news for you :(

But I do have to agree with you... the adjustments feel awesome!  I'm completely addicted to them... thankfully, I get them FREE!  YAY!  I'm a huge supporter of chiropractic... obviously!