Has anyone tried the new precision xtra BG and ketone meter yet?

do you like it? does it seem to give accurate readings? it would be cool to have a meter that tests BG and ketones in one like this one does

that's the one they gave me at the hospital when i was diagnosed. i'v only tried one otehr (one touch ultra mini) and i like them both. it's cool that it tests for ketones b/c then you can do it when you test your BG level. it seems to give accurate reading from what i have used it. the size is nice as well

We use one only for the ketone readings. My daughter and I are both T1 and use OneTouch Ultras, but we got a free one by calling the manufacturer and asking for it. My daughter is three years old and not fully potty trained, so using the normal urine ketone strips isn't really an option for her. Since we don't use it for BG tests I can't really comment on that, but it is great to be able to test for ketones with meter.