Has been a crazy week and half

The other night I went to give my daughter her nightly Lantus shot. 3 units of lantus does a perfect job for her, 5yr old girl. Well I was tired as always, (i'm dad, with congenital heart disease and currently in congestive heart failure.) So I drew up the shot, gave it to her, and we went to bed. Well about 10 miutes later I sat straight up in bed, I was freaking out cuz I thought I gave Ellie 3 units of humalog instead. Well I about had a heart attack, seriously, I gave her enough humalog for 130 grams of carbs.. I just couldn't not believe it did that.I sobed and sobed, once she was danger that is. Oh man, I cried like a little baby, I mean I almost hurt my little girl. Well we keep both vials and everything else in a travel bag, with a  and a 6 yr old you never know when you have to leave in a hurry. So, to fix this problem, and to make sure it NEVER happens again I put the Lantus up in the cupboard with my meds.. Well then last night, I checked Ellies blood and she was at 140, right on great number for bed. Well she was saying she was bored and couldn't sleep, and blah blah, she always stalls at bed time, (she sleeps with me, has for a long time now)  Well Ellie was talking, "I'm bored, i'm not tired, then bang she was snoring softly. It just didn't sit right with me the way she just went right to sleep, so I checked her again, 32!!!! I started screaming! She has had two seizures because of lows.. I went into freak the hell out mode!! My wife, ellies mom woke me telling me to calm down before both of us are in trouble, praise God Ellie could sit up and eat!! Well 15 carbs does nothing for her lows sometimes So I dumped some sugar in yogurt, a lot of sugar!! Then slowly, so painfully painfully stressfully slowly she started to climb back up. 15 mins 83, 30mins 114, 45 mins 130, then about three hours later it read "hi" of course, it is so hard to accurately fix her lows, either it's not enough, or too much, never just right I swear! So I had to give her two tiny shots, like 1/4 unit.. I HATE MY BABIES DIABETES!!!! GRRRRRRRUH!!!!! Poor baby, it sucks so bad! I swear having severe heart problems is easier than diabetes! So what really sucks is I have no idea why the low happened last night! During the day she needs lots of insulin, at bed time she needs just a little bitty bit, Unless!!!! it's one of those nights where she is hyper.. It's so hard and crazy. I swear sometimes I think i'm going insane, my wife and I fight sometimes over a stupid mistake, like forgetting to give lantus on the right time for a week straight, but then I give the wrong kind of insulin. And we have no help, it's just me and my wife, everyone is scared to help, and quite frankly I don't trust someone who says they are scared, with diabetes you have to act fast then be scared...right!!!??

This sounds super stressful! I think it must be much harder to be a parent of a diabetic than it is to be diabetic. You are doing everything you can for her, so don't be too hard on yourself (or your wife). Do your best to remember how worth it it is, and keep coming here to tell us about it!

Also, it will get easier as she gets older. Small consolation, and doesn't help much right now, but good to keep in mind.Have you considered a pump? With such small amounts of insulin, it might really help both you and your daughter in feeling better and more confident. There are tons of pros and cons, but it is worth looking into if you haven't. I don't think i'll ever go back to shots.


And i've done the humlog instead of lantus thing as well. No fun!

It is hard - you sound like you had a rough time lately. I know how scary it is when lows don't seem to resolve quickly and then your poor kiddo goes high afterward. We are here for you if you need to vent, ask questions, etc.

You are doing the right things to take care of your daughter. The only 'advice' I can give is to not argue about how you care for your daughter with your wife. Discuss - yes. Argue/fight - no. Admit it when  you made a mistake and be open to new ideas from your wife.

And our endo did suggest a pump for my son as well - he said that a syringe is only accurate to +/- 1 unit - which can be pretty dangerous when all you are trying to give is a half unit (or less!). The pumps are accurate to 0.01 unit - so you know the doses will be right. And I think anything that makes managing diabetes easier is important to try.

Look for the parents group too - there is lots of support there!


We are here for you buddy.  My son was diagnosed at 5, and is 7 now.  We have had those scary nights too and I know how stressed you are right now.  Just keep doing the best you can and come talk to everyone here when you need to vent.

Looking into a pump like the other folks mentioned is probably a good idea if you have not done so already.  We are on the Omnipod now and like everyone said, the insulin does is much more accurate.  With the pod we can control the dose amount to +/- 0.05 units.  We have been on the pump now for almost 3 months and those nightime lows are much fewer and farther between.  That does not mean they are gone completely though.  We still have nights where we have to wake him up and give him juice to pulll his number back up.  Another good thing about the pump is that when they do go low you can temporarily stop the basal rate, unlike having lantus in your system that you can't stop.

Good luck with everything!  All the other parents and diabetics are here to help and talk if you ever need anything!

Thank you so much, you are all so kind. I'm sure i'll be back soon! Actually just today having i'm having a ton of fun with my frickin insurance paying for test strips!! Insurance companies are evil, I really truly believe this, how can they not be!!??

Sounds scary. Nothing like that ever happened to me when I took shots. I am lucky. I understand how much harder it is for the parents of a diabetic. My mom counts all my carbs, changes my needles, set my basal rates, buys strips and needles, changes my sites, gets me glucose tabs, etc.. It seems like she has diabetes more than I do. It can be hard but it's even harder on the parents. When we hurt, they hurt, when we cry, they cry, when we laugh, they laugh, when we're low, i bet you their blood sugars drop down to about 10 mg/dl. It's annoying to them like it is to us. So, don't stress as much, you're doing a good job at being a dad. You might consider getting her an insulin pump, it's a lot easier than shots and it is a lot more accurate. Just a thought...


I understand how you are feeling.  My husband actually gave my daughter her novalog instead of her lantis once too.  He gave her 12 units!!  I had to stay up most of the night feeding her sugary stuff.  She was really happy about it!  The thing is, I didn't fight with him about it.....I didn't even get mad because I knew he was very upset with himself.  He felt guilty and I didn't need to make him feel bad for a mistake.  He knew the seriousness of it and that was enough for me.  The bottles are very similar and we used to keep them together so I can see how it could happen.  This disease can be very hard to deal with and can cause many problems in a marriage but just remember the reasons you loved each other to begin with.  Sometimes it is hard to remember those things but it is important.  As far as over doing it on the sugar, that happens easily too.  We try to keep apple juice on hand because of how quickly it turns to sugar.  That way we don't have to wait hours to find out how much we over did it.  My daughter got her pump in August and is doing much better.  She gets a few lows now and then but the highs are much better!



I was just curious how things were going.  I know insurance companies can be a pain!