Hate site changes

I hate changing my site every three days because I'm afraid of needles. <--Ironic, huh?  Well does anyone have any positive ways to look at it? I just get so afraid to push the buttons (I have a Minimed quickserter)  and one time it took me four hours to work up the nerve to do it! That's four hours with no pump connected...

I think a therapist could help you with this problem. I have seen quite a few people here with the same issue. It is common and nothing to be ashamed of.

I've had diabetes for over 30 years and have used a pump for almost 10... still hate doing the infusion site changes.  I'm a Christian and I pray before I do the new site, which helps.  I pray for it not to hurt and for the site the work.  

I usually try to pick the new site first, before filling the reservoir or doing anything else.  Then you already know where it's going and aren't sitting with a big needle, trying to decide.  

Distraction helps too.  Do your site change when you're watching some tv show you love or listening to good music.  Try to avoid waiting too late in the evening when you're tired.

Everybody is different, so figure out what works for you.  Take care.  

I know exactly how you feel. I have such a problem with needles now (dxd in 1966). I am pretty bad now and when I get a shot every other week I get my Mom to do it. What a baby, huh? Anyway, I had to brace myself to put the quickserter in. I found it easier to get a rhythm. I would count, 1....2.....3....push.  Usually it would only take me 1 or 2 times of counting like this to get it in. You have to be firm with yourself to get it in. I would also suggest not taking the old one out until you get the new one in. That way you can always connect the new reservoir to the old site while you are working on getting in the new site without going too high.

Sorry I can't be more help. Know that I understand how hard it can be.


This may be looked at as bad, but I will stretch out the site as long as I can. No fear here of needles, just preserving the life of the set $$$. Numerouse styles of Infussion Sets. Maybe try and experiment with some different ones. Ussually a CDE has samples, or request them from your pump manufactuerer.

Nothing to be ashamed of, and is certainly a great question for help/ideas.  Good Luck!!