Hate this question!

Does anyone get really urgish when someone asks you if you can have something, like a doughnut or a piece of cake?  I mean, we just take insulin to cover our food, an apple has sugar in it and they never ask that question when your eating something that isn't a dessert.  Well... it bothers me :)

Yes, I also get asked by it by people who I've already told.  I try not to get mad when people just don't know you, but if I've told them before I want to scream at them.  I feel your pain.

I know what you mean it bothers me too. I know sometimes people don't know as much as we all do but it still bothers me. I hate it when people are like you gave yourself this disease by eating too much sugar and they act like they know so much more than we all do. Excuse me but I am the one who lives with the disease and I did not get it from eating too much sugar. I know I can't get mad at people because sometimes they don't know but sometimes it just bothers me.

I know exactly what u mean.  I have friends hu think i am abusing privaleges or whatever by walking aorund trying to bring my blood sugar down. his dad has diabetes, but hes fat so i think its type 2



OMG that drives me insane

I have a few friends who try and understand what im doing when i take my insulin and check my sugar and i answer their questions no problem.  but those people who ask on the daily basis what i am doing, and give me funny looks who really piss me off. that and teachers constantly trying to confiscate my insulin pump thinking its a beeper or a cellphone.

Heehee. This is a very popular question among ignorant fools, I find. :3 It does tend to get annoying if you are asked more than once in a day! How tiresome! Well, at least it gives me an excuse to speak condescendingly to people, which is, unfortunatly, something I find very enjoyable. Ahaha...I'm not a nice person!! :D

yes it really bothers me i also get the oh u cant have this or that becuz that has sugar if u think about it almost everything has sugar in it some sugar-free stuff has sugar in it. My doc told me that if i want to have a cookie to go ahead and eat it just take ur insulin he also said this to which i say everyday YOU CONTROL YOUR DIABETES DONT LET YOUR DIABETES CONTROL YOU!!!!

I know exactly how you feel. I don't have those things very often (no one should anyway, diabetic or not), but I feel beyond annoyed when people assume I'll die if I eat something like a dessert. So glad someone shares the same views as me :)

it nice to here that someone feel the same way

Haha, I legit get this question every day of my life, well not really but I get it a lot people just don't understand, I don't mind explaining it every once in awhile but people who already know, then try to be funny and ask me I don't find it very amusing

I hate that too! The only reason i CAN'T have that donut is that i have celiac... whenever i tell someone i have diabetes, they immediately think that i can't eat sugar. i have to explain to them that i can eat as much sugar as i want as long as i keep track of how much i am eating and i give insulin. one time when i was in first grade, one of the parents brought in goody bags 4 the kids and mine didn't have a candy cane in it because they thought i couldn't have candy canes!

the other thing i hate is when people say things like "oh, yeah, my grandpa had diabetes. he died." :P

I absolutly h8 it when people do this. Even my teachers do this. My mom sometimes has to talk my principal cause sometimes they dont understand everything about diabetes correctly.

Is it really someone's business to butt in your life to see if you can do this or that if you dont know them? Or another Question...What does anyone feel when people ask / say if / that you are dibetic?

What I don't like is when I have to tell someone I have diabetes (like if we're on a trip together or something) and they reply "Ohhhh..." and then act as if it's taboo. I wouldn't mind telling them about it! But the fact they act that way makes it awkward to.

omg ik it gets soooooooooo annoying sometimes i just wanna tell them its none of their business

Honestly, this doesn't really bug me. After all, how are these people supposed to know? Half the time, they're only trying to help. It bugs me more when people find out I can't eat bread (I have celiac disease), and ask if that's because I'm a diabetic. And even then... we're probably one of the only people they know with type one, so there's no way they could know this stuff.

thats the most annoying question ever!

it drives me insane! OMG hate when people ask this. and then, my friends tell me that I can't have even one cookie. i hate it.

I'm a celiac too, and I hate it even more when people go "oh you can't have crackers because they have sugar" but whatever ill live