Have a daughter who needs friends!

Hello everybody, I have a 9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER who was diagnosed about 7 weeks ago. She wants/needs some “girl” friends around her age that she can really connect with. She is shy but loves all the normal things little girls do! She has had a hard time re-connecting with her friends from school, in fact, it has been extremely difficult. I think she needs friends who can really understand her, or who are “like her.” Thanks!! Hope to hear from someone soon!

can you check in with your local JDRF chapter and see what kind of fundraisers they are working on? The fundraisers can be a great way to meet people. To find the JDRF chapter near your location go here and put your zip code in.

I have heard of camps where other children with diabetes spend a few weeks together, you may have to do a search or check with your endo for ideas about possibilities in socializing.

T1d … is “rare”, it’s not uncommon to know very few people with T1d. sorry about the difficulties. things improve with time. hope you are okay.

My kid made some close friends at diabetes camp. We have met lots of nearby families affected by type 1 through the local JDRF too.

I have heard of the camps but those are not until next summer. So we are trying to connect with others, even if it is by phone, email etc… she is having a hard time “relating”. Her friends are still her friends, she just hasn’t opened up to them. She has said she wants to meet other girls like her… so if I can make that possible I will! @Joe I will definitely look into the link, thanks a bunch!

We are at Chicago and joined a support group. Our 10 year old daughter had a hard time being around her “normal” friends and met this really nice girl that she saw once a month. Ever since camp she has been having “play date” with another diabetic. What city do you live in?

We live in Washington. And we live in a semi-small town. My daughter will be 10 in a few months! Would your daughter be willing to connect? I think any interaction would help? Just talking would help, even if it isnt about T1D. She feels alone, since she hasn’t come across anyone around her age. Let me know!

I know you were asking for other girls around her age but if either of you want advice I have had t1d for 9 1/2 years.

Hi I have a 9 year old also and a 5 year old that needs friends

@LakreshaBraker that would be wonderful!! Any way that our daughter’s could connect via email or anything would be just awesome! We are excited!

Hi @shariza and @LakreshaBraker, I also have a 9yr old daughter who is seeking friends her age to connect with. We live in the East Bay Area of California. I wish the girls could meet up in person, but maybe we could arrange a FaceTime conference call for them or something similar.

@Jamof4 that would be great!

My daughter is 10 years old and has had T1 for 2.5 years. She also is looking for kids tgat she can talk to. She had on friend who had it as well but was a teenager who had a hard time relating to a younger kid. If you would like our kids can email each other. jenijeni1984@gmail.com

Have you looked into the Girl Scouts in your area. We got our daughter (10 yrs old) into Girl Scouts this past year and she loves it. The girls accepted her with open arms and really love her. Each time they meet, she gets a group hug from all of the girls. They are close in age and all seem to enjoy their troup. They are very respectful regarding snacks, etc when they meet. And they are very supportive when it comes to her T1. Meeting with her troup is something our daughter looks up to with great anticipation. I highly recommend you look into it.

Hi. This was wonderful to read. My 10 year old was just diagnosed this week. She hasn’t been back to school yet because it’s Christmas Vacation. She has only told 2 friends about her new diagnosis. She would LOVE to hear back from others to talk about being newly diagnosed, adjusting, food ideas, etc.
Her face time (apple only) is andysortino@hotmail.com. (She’s using her dad’s e-mail). Her name is Shari.


Hi, I have a daughter who turned eleven in June. She was diagnosed December 2015. She has been to a bunch of support groups over the last six months but has not kept in touch with anyone. Is your daughter still interested in a t1d email or phone call or face time pal? We live in long island, new york.

my email address is kteach207@hotmail.com

my name is joyce and my daughters name is shari

hello i too have a 8 yr old daughter who is having a rough time getting people to understand shes still the same kid :frowning:
if ur daughter like to snap chat maybe they could chat and it would be great for them to each have a buddy that understands them
let me know

Hi!! My name is Lila and I have had T1D just over a year now. I have not found any diabetic friends yet. I know she wants friends around her age but I would love to be her friend!! If you want to email me heres my email: puggly234@gmail.com
Please feel free to contact me when ever!!