Have a hard time accepting

how I could have missed any symptom's.My bright,funny,charming,handsome 19 yr old son Danny,whom also happened to have Down Syndrome passed away  in his sleep 3/28/09 after 2 days of what appeared to be a stomach flu,it was DKA .He didn't have a previous diagnosis of T1 so apparently this was the onset .There was no rapid weight loss,he wasn't drinking huge amounts of fluids or using the bathroom excessively,his teachers noticed nothing unusual either and things happened so very quickly.But still I feel like I as his momma should have known it wasn't just a stomach bug.I've met other parent's with similar stories and they all feel the same feeling of "how did we miss this?"I don't think it's a feeling that ever goes away..the day after the preliminary report I was turning myself in to the ME for having killed my son.I understand every body is different some will have symtoms for a while and other go straight into DKA,some will be worse and live,some not so bad and die..I think if he'd gone into crisis during the day instead of the middle of the night he might still be with us but then again how would his quality of life be affected,so many what-if's.I love my son,he was my angel for so long and then he was just gone and I feel like I failed him,I was supposed to protect him and this time I couldn't,a monster came so much bigger than me.I hope he's happy,dancing with the angels and making everyone smile just as he did in life.♥Just venting,sometimes you have to, to keep from going crazy on this journey 

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I love my son,he was my angel for so long


He is still your angel, just watching from above with a beautiful pair of wings. Remembering how much you loved and supported him thoughout your time together.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.