Have three options to go with this CGM route but not sure which one to pick

So as I’ve said before, Canadian Diabetics have only one option when it comes to companies that provide CGMs and that company is Medtronic. (unless I want to purchase a Dexcom from the states and do math everytime I look at it)

Starting in August I contacted Medtronic (turned out to be the US, but it was the only number I could find) and it started the uphill battle of trying to get information from them. Needless to say, the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I let the idea of getting a CGM sit on the shelf for a while.

I recently tried again, this time discovering the new Canadian site and contact number. After being informed there was only two customer service reps for all of Canada (kinda find that hard to believe) I was promised to be sent an information package in the mail for their Guardian Real-Time CGM device and have my information passed to the local sales rep. Neither happened. I sent another e-mail, which finally was forwarded to the sales rep in my area. Thankfully, he is a diabetic, displeased with the experience I have had and eager to help me.

He called me last night to talk, send me a link to fill out some forms so he could talk to my insurance and called me this afternoon with some of the information I need to make a decision of what route to go.

Since my insurance has already come back to say they will not cover the CGM device or the sensors (apparently common practice atm in Canada), but will cover the pump (which I am not interested in), I have three options:

  1. Don’t get a CGM Device and continue on with what I’m doing.
  2. Order the pump, which includes a new updated version of the Guardian CGM, have my insurance cover $6,600.00 of the cost and pay $1,100.00-ish out of pocket but only use the CGM sensor not the Insulin Pump itself. It’s one device total, so I would just not fill it with insulin or use the sites.
    I’m not sure how that means they will cover the sensors for the CGM portion, I forgot to ask and haven't heard back yet (left a voicemail). I would get a 3year warranty on this purchase.

  3. Pay for the Guardian out of pocket. $2,000 for the device, with a one month money-back guarantee return within one month of my training date (so two months after purchase date). The sensors would be $190 for a box of 4 (lasting 3days but he says they have been approved to last up to 6days each) but I would get 4 free sensors included with the CGM purchase. I would only get a 1year warranty out of this purchase though, which could be a huge downside if it breaks after the warranty expires.

I’m not really sure what to do.

I don’t really want to get the pump and make my insurance pay for something I won’t be using (especially if it means I still have to pay for the sensors) and since they will only cover ONE pump in my lifetime, that means when/if I decided to go with a pump again I'm out of luck unless I've changed jobs. But $2,000 is a LOT of money for me to spend on a single device that could break shortly after my warranty is up. I am not even sure where I would get that money in the first place to cover the cost (though I’m sure my mom would insist on helping me).

There will be a rep (different from the one I’ve been talking to who covers a large area in BC) I can meet up with hopefully sooner rather than later, who can show me the two devices so I can at least check them out and talk more about the options.


Hopefully that will help me decide..but what are your guys' opinions on my options?