Have you been Dx'd with autonomic neuropathy?

If you’ve been diagnosed with autonomic neuropathy, I would love to hear about your experience with it.

I don’t have a confirmed Dx yet, autonomic neuropathy is just the latest endo’s suspicion, but the best likelihood anyone’s come up with yet. My symptoms are pronounced (and not exactly conforming) during the last 16 months but may go back 20+ years depending on which symptoms you include. Tests are upcoming. I’ve also looked into maybe I have amygdala-hypothalamus-pituitary issues. Or maybe this is all just long-term pile-on from my chronic severe hyponatremia (which goes back to amygdala-hypothalamus-pituitary anyway). Who knows, maybe all of the above??? ? ?

Yes Noz @theNoz, I was told this is one of my long-term diabetes conditions; this was 10 years ago following cardio-vascular surgery. The “cause” has never been explained beyond that it usually only appears in persons with long-term diabetes.

Thanks, Dennis. It makes total sense to me, and if a single Expert I’d ever consulted in the last 20 years about … , well… I don’t know that anything would be different except I wouldn’t be so surprised now. I would have heard of it. Just once in 20 years seems like not too much to ask! Sorry. My intent was not to whine.

Oddly, my heart seems unaffected yet.

Do you do anything for it, besides maybe exercise? The NIH says, keep your blood sugars down, well, I’m trying but I seem to go berserker high all of a sudden for no reason while also feeling randomly stressed. Yet my last 2 A1c’s were 6.3 and 6.6, so the NIH is not helping.

I don’t even have the diagnosis yet, just the hypothesis, it only fits to a tee is all.

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