Have you donated blood?

I have read on the Red Cross website that if your diabetes is well controlled it is okay for you to donate blood. However, it does not specify type 1 or type 2.  I was wondering if anyone has donated since being diagnosed because it has always been a goal of mine to donate blood.


I donated lots before I was diagnosed.  But haven't since.  I wonder what kind of effect it would have on your bs..

When I asked if i could donate they told me it was fine. then they asked what my morning BG was and I said 52, so they turned me down that time. They just told me to try agian next time and they would feed me cookies afterward =D

I think you would feel low and you would get rilly week from the blood geting dran then go low then in to a comma. thats my thought.

Yes I have wondered what it would do to my blood sugar...I highly doubt it would cause a comma. They wouldnt allow us to donate if that happened too often.

I'm not ready to donate yet just because I was diagnosed in March and it has been very challenging to get my numbers down...I dont think they would consider me "well controlled".  When things get better I will talk to my endo first.

in the states you can donate but depends on your insulin. if its animal based(pretty rare) you cant. and even if you went low after, bring a snack with you and you don't have to get outta the chair right away. they let you sit there til you can comfortable getting up.


in canada sadly, im not allowed to donate because i have diabetes. when i found that out, after waiting 6months after getting a tattoo or peircing, i was pretty pissed. so i went out and got another peircing. haha.