Have You Ever Been Hassled By Airport Security Because of Diabetes Supplies?

Hey Everyone,

We ran an article this morning with a handful of tips about airtravel with diabetes and dealing with airport security. Check it out here; Insulin, Pumps & Planes: Navigating Airport Security Minefields

Have you ever been hassled by security because of your insulin, needles, pump, etc? Also, do you have any tips to add?


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This has happened to me when I flew to the Philippines.  The technology is way more advanced than theirs so many of them have never even seen an insulin pump before.  I have followed all the same tips that you listed in your article, but they still were "curious".  So, I had to show them that it was actually attached to me (luckily at the time I had it placed on my abdomen, so it was easy to just lift my shirt and show them).  They were truly fascinated once I showed them that it was a part of me and then it was more of a "Let us know more" than a "You can't go through" reaction.  I pretty much told them to search  "insulin pumps" on the internet if they wanted to know more about it as they were letting me through.  I smiled at them and they shook my hand.  LOL!

I have never been hassled by any airport security in the US or over seas.  A few years ago I was stopped by Customs coming from Canada - I thought they were going to ask me about all the syringes and blood testing stuff but they didn't,  they were more concerned about an apple that they thought I was bringing into the US. 

We just went through security for the first time with diabetes and it was no problem.  They wanded my son and did a swab test on the outside of pump.  They said to make sure nothing "bad" was in the pump.  All I could think was what kind of person puts something other than insulin than their child's insulin pump.  The screeners were all very nice to my son.

i always have a nutrigrain bar, they r everywhere, desk drawers at work, my pocketbook, a huge box from costco at my house.. if im extra low i have a small fruit punch juicy juice with it :)

I stopped using glucose tablets and just juice cause i find a lot of times i will go low again if i dont have something solid, plus i get super hungry when im low, which has worked against me esp in the middle of the night :0

oops wrong post ignore my last answer

I have been around the wrold, never had an issue anywhere :)

I have been patted down twice in my travels with my new pump. The airport apparently changed their settings on the detector which caught my pump, both times. The gate guard was a bit of a expletive the first time, But both security guards that patted me down were kind and understanding. Once they saw the pump, they did a pat down, but it was more cursory than anything else.

i was fondled in every way possible going through airport security. in des moines, they were really nice about it and were practically apologizing for it. in phoenix they were all a bunch of bastards and acted like i was an inconvenience and nuisance. i might just skip airport security and drive everywhere.

I have never been hassled per se but it's a problem when i go through and the machine beeps so they try to redirect back through while i'm trying to say "wait it's my insulin" pump. then they look at me funny until what i just said "clicks" and they are like "oh" and direct me through to the clear box to await my pat down/swab down/ wanding  (i've had all 3 and different combination)

Ive tried telling them before I walk through, but it usually takes more time yelling at the tsa on the other side of the detector over the noise and commotion of other travelers than just walking through and explaining why i beep.

I have flown hundreds of times since I was diagnosed 10 years ago, including 16 times this year with my pump.  I've flown in the US and overseas.  I've never been questioned, ever!  I guess I'm lucky!  I am fortunate that my omnipod doesn't go off thru the metal detector.