Have you ever heard of this?


So over the last few months my insulin needs have went down so much that i am not even using any!  My a1c is 5.4 and i am not using any insulin.  Of course i cannot just eat a chocolate candy bar, but i can eat fruit for carbs.  Is there a possibility that I might be a mix between type 1 and type 2? Has anyone ever heard of this?? 


Thanks guys!!

you can't be a mix of type 1 and type 2. you can be type 1 with type 2 components, but one type is autoimmune and the other isn't.

if you were recently diagnosed, it could be you're still honeymooning. if you've made other lifestyle changes, it could be you are currently well controlled and don't need insulin yet (but might in the future). there are a billion reasons. if you're concerned, you can talk to your endo about it. they can do some blood tests to determine if something else might be going on.

you can also talk to keith (juvenation.org/.../default.aspx) on here. he was originally dx as a type 1, then his beta cells regenerated themselves, and he is no longer considered diabetic. there's always the possibility your body is similar to his (i call him magic) :o)

Its also possible you were mis-diagnosed and and really type 2, I know when I was first diagnosed it took them a while to determine whether I was type 1 or 2 and even when they offically diagnosed me as type 1 they had doubts for a while. I wish I was like you though, no matter how much I excersise and diet I cant seem to cut my insulin intake down.

that is a little wierd

Usually if this happens and you're within a year of being diagnosed its a honeymoon period and it won't last.

There are documented cases of people showing low c-peptides and high blood sugar (means the person is type 1 diabetic) and then it mysteriously reverses itself.  

A guy I go to church with had this happen.  He has a strong family history of type 2 diabetes and his parents knew the symptoms and took him to the hospital when he was about 13 because he had excessive thirst and weight loss.  He was diagnosed with type 1 with a blood sugar of over 900.  While he was in the hospital, just before being put on insulin, his labs came back normal.  He's now almost 30 and has never had a high A1c since.  He doesn't have type 1 or type 2.  

Both he and his sister participated in a JDRF study where there blood was drawn every 3 months for over a decade.  Researchers were trying to pinpoint what made the D reverse.  I've never heard seen if anything came of the research study, but if you know about it hope you'll chime in.

Again, this is incredibly rare, but it happens.