Have you ever reused tubing?

same question

Yes. I was in boston last year for work and ran out of infusion site sets. I reused everything haha. I reused the needle and cartridge to get the insulin out of the vile etc etc. This was an emergency though so I don't know if people recommend that. I'm sure they don't. But yeah, have done it, I'm alive.


I never reused the cartridge (? the part that holds the insulin) for fear of delivery issues. The documentation says there is only enough lubrication for accurate delivery during one use (otherwise more friction results in less insulin delivery).  I reuse the tubing occasionally.

Maybe mine are extra lubed up (heh). I had no problems with my numbers after I did that. Guess it's a case by case basis. I haven't had to do it since, but was prepared to do it if they hadn't resupplied me before I went over here to London

When I was at the beach this summer I would change my cartridge but leave the same tubing. I don't see what the harm in that was. I think what had happened was because I use the inset 30s the tubing is separate from the inset in the packaging and they had less tubing then there were insets. I think they just forget to put them all in the box.

another plus of reusing tubing is that you don't have to prime the pump...more insulin for you to use :)

one time i forgot to bring reservoirs with me so i refilled them via syringe and then changed everything else and as soon as i got home from the shore i immediately changed it.

I like even numbers of all my supplies so I have yet to reuse my tubing. However, I know that if I truly need to, I will reuse it. It is what it is, and three more days can't really harm it that much.

I hadn't, until yesterday when I was too lazy to change both the insulin and the tube :P

So, is there technically a problem with reusing tubing? Like are we not supposed to?

I am sure if you were to ask the pump company they would talk about bacteria or some other type of infection that could happen. When for them, the little piece of tubing is something extra to bill to the insurance companies.

Brian, when you talk to the pump companies, there's a reason to change everything :P I'm just teasing :)

No they just drop me... :-(

I mean I called Deltec and they feigned going out of business.

I'm pretty sure it's not just Deltec, Brian. I almost guarantee all who you call feign it :P In this economy, it's a viable excuse :P

(M'kay. I'm done post jacking.)

And I was being good and nice to you.

But I am sure if you talked with the companies they would have a valid reason as to why you need to change the tubing each time. But now that I think about it and I just checked with the Silohuette infusion set medtronic has an option to get 10 infusion sets and only 5 tubing pieces in the package. So obviously we can reuse.

But when I'm nice you're sassy :P That's pretty much just how it works, in opposites, I mean.

I can't imagine it would matter, anyway, if the needle was dull - on the infusion set that you kind of snap/twist onto the resivioure? (Medtronic/Silohuette, anyway)