Have you ever talked to a loved ones about possible complications?

i just got off phone with my bf and somehow it came up. the possible complications i could develop if not careful. my bf was quick to say thats not gonna happen because i wont let you do that to yourself. we have been together for about a year and a half and never had talked about it. has this happend to you?? i wanna hear your story!!

I talk to my family and my boyfriend about what could happen but I try not to dwell on the matter. It is awesome that you have such a caring bf in your life. My bf and I have been together a long time and he is very knowledgable about diabetes. He's a rock for me when times are tough he knows just what to say. When I had my mini stroke in Jan. even though I know he was as scared as I was he stayed strong for me. I was thinking the worst and he reassured me that things would get better, he says that's his job : ). I love him to death for accepting me and the fact I'm diabetic without hesitation. I think it is good to have a site like juvenation to vent, talk and discuss this type of stuff. Most people don't have another type 1 diabetic to relate to in their life, I know I don't and never have. When I sit down and think about what types of complications may occurr in my future it scares me to death. Then I become sad and depressed. I currently have 2 complications from my diabetes- early stages of kidney disesae diagnosed at age 16 and in Jan. 2009 I had a mini stroke at age 30. I try to have the best control I can and surround myself with loving people for moral support when I need it. I take life one day at a time, that's all you can do.

I've not only talked to my husband about complications, we've lived through it already!  In 2002, after we had been married for 6 years, I started seeing black "floaters" (spots).  It turned out to be the signs of diabetic retinopathy.  Over the course of about a year and a half, I had to have four surgeries on my eyes, two on each.  The reaction I usually get from people is "Oh yeah, laxer surgery" but no, it was true invasive procedures.  During the months of recovery following the surgeries, I was completely bling for varying amounts of time.  The scariest part was that there was no guarantee that I would in fact regain my sight.

So that.s the physical part of it.  Then comes the emotional part...  My husband was very suuportive and helpful through the whole ordeal.  He is not one to necessarily take the best of care for his own health (he smokes, drinks, gets little exercise...), so never once did he make me feel guilty about my own care of my diabetes, which obviously was a huge factor in developing this complication.  The strange part is that even though I tend to be a very emotional person (in fact I have a tear in my eye just writing this!), I found this inner strength hidden underneath my own fears!  I made sure to keep up my sense of humour and I did my best to remain optimistic.  This in turn, according to my husband, helped him to also deal with what he needed to.  Today, I have most of my sight back, but I will never regain it all.  I am just happy for now that I'm still allowed to drive.

More recently, last year, I asked my endo about the tingling feeling in my fingertips that comes and goes.  My first thought: neuropathy!  I was soooooo relieved after I went for the tests that it ended up being "just" carpal tunnel!  It's funny to think that for some people, that would be a huge deal!  LOL  I have an appt. with a surgeon next Monday about this.  I'm assuming he's going to want to operate, but that doesn't freak me out at all!  It's just all relative, I guess.

Finally, back to complications, I'll be starting the whole cycle all over again soon, as my endo found s slight problem with my kidneys last time I went for tests.  I'm just waiting to hear back from her office about a referral to a kidney specialist...  I'm trying not to get too worked up about it yet, more in order to keep myself sane as well as my husband.  It's comforting to know that If I do have to "go through" anything regarding my kidneys, I'll be able to count on him once again.

Wow, what a long post!  Sorry, but it felt good for me!

WOW!!! thank yall for your input. you both actually have experienced some of the complications that i(thank goodness) minus minor neuropathy (or however you spell it) in my feet when im high for long periods of time. What you both have mentioned is the support system you have had that keeps you strong and always to look on the positive side which i think is uber important! Thank you for sharring your story with me and i intend to check in on how things are going with yall periodically!!