Have you ever

Have you ever gotten low in the middle of class at school or during a test? I'm always worried about that. You know how people are who don't understand what all diabetes is about. How did people react?

I'm happy to say that I haven't had to experience this either. I'm worried that I will have to sometime this year.

yes i always worry about that cause oddly i kinda sorta love school and i dont like to b disturbed when im trying to take a test and all of my teachers will take away my test cause they are all aware of my 504 plan most of the time im coherent so i get upset!!

Yes it unfortunatly has happened to me, and instead of leaving and going to the nurse like i should have i just grabbed some candy from my locker and shoved it in my mouth on the way to class. I was probably still kinda low when i was taking the test but i got an A on it lol. i DO NOT recommend doing this however. If i would have ended up doing bad on the test i would have been so angry that i didn't do the responsible thing. I havent done it again since. Its just a better idea to skip the test and make it up after school or the next morning or something. That is definitly what I will be doing from now on.

Yeah, that happened to me. We were taking some math placement test, and there was a sub. I said 'I'm a diabetic (she goes, yeah i no) and I'm feeling low may I go to the nurse" and a friend walked me, and we both got to re-take the test another day!!

Yes... I'm pretty sure I failed, or at least scored a C. But the teacher let me retake it :)

I've been low in class a bunch of times, I just don't pay attention for a bit and have a snack and test.

I was really low one test, but I was already there, so I figured I would write it anyway. I told the teacher after the test, and he told me if I did worse than normal, he wouldn't count it. I got an A anyway though.

yeah, I've been low during tests before.  In 7th grade I was taking the long composition MCAS (state) test and I checked halfway through and was 45.  I felt really low and couldn't write/think at all.  My teacher had to walk me to the nurse because everyone else was taking the test, but I was able to finish it after I had come up. 

It's humiliating if I don't do that well on a test/quiz and the teacher in that subject asks if my bs was okay, though.  But since starting high school I've always checked before tests.

this happened to me sooooooo many times , it is really ackwerd when u leave and no one eles can... soem people say that when i go to the nurse that i look in my note book for answers but no , i dont!! i am really low , and i hate when people say that! (but there was this one time that i did >:] .

Ya its happens to me everyday i just get up and leave, ya people stare and i'm like, "what are you looking at i don't got the answers!" then they look away but its really weird when people stare you know? i hate it its like living in a box where the only different one.

i had to take a test on the table saw right after i had a low. i was still feeling low too! and during that low, i couldnt even find my way to my locker then find my way back to the gym.

yeah, almost every day.. the other day I was in science thogh, and I was like,. OH Crap! cuz I couldnt find any food in by diabetes bag ( I carry it with me EVERYWHERE!) and finally I found a squished old glucogon bar, and had to eat that.. for me when I have llows I just sneak some food when The teacher isnt looking or something like that.. no biggy. dont worrries, its just life, no need to make a big deal out of it, dont wrry nobody will notice :)

I do the same! i felt low right before a geometry test on tuesday so i shoved a pack of lifesaver candies into my mouth and took it. I got a 96!! Miraculous? maybe. Impressive? definitly. haha

I have, countless of time. In elementary school/middle school kids would comment like "Ohhhh! she gets to eat in class she is SOOO Special!! (sarcastically)" or "here we go again!!" in mocking tones.

Now, in high school kids REALLY DO understand and care. Its unbelievable how concerned they are sometimes. There was a kid in my class last year (Junior Year) who went through some medical problems of his own so he sort of understood what the blood sugar levels meant. When I would ask the teacher to be excused he knew it was because of that and would be like "whats ur blood sugar? you okay to walk alone?" it may seem annoying but it was that little bit of caring that made all the difference about opening up about my diabetes

yeah, kids seem more aware then adults, like an old primary school firend who I remet in higschool was like, oh, you have diabetes? you should bring some juice Its good sugar raiser I hear. and he didnt say it like he knew best, he said it in a comment way, because he saw i was struggling to find something.

I actually have had that happen during a major test and i felt so weird bcs it was one of those standardized tests the state gives. As soon as i raised my hand my homeroom teacher could tell and she just took my test and thank god there was another teacher in the room bcs my sugars were dropping so quickly i could barely walk she needed to walk next to me. But during my lunch that day i just had to finish that test.

There have been other times where i havnt felt well and the teachers understand and they just write me a pass and let me go to the nurse and test. Also 9 out of 10 of the kids in that class know i have diabetes so its kool too.

Sometimes I have highs during tests and I just can't focus. I'll get a b or c and I will tell the teacher what happend but they just don't get it. Sometimes there like " o you will have another chance this year to show me you understand" But thats not the same!

ive had lows, but still participated in excercise, even after my lowest low ever.


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Have you ever gotten low in the middle of class at school or during a test? I'm always worried about that. You know how people are who don't understand what all diabetes is about. How did people react?



I have a pump and my 2 hour alarm always goes off during my 2nd period's designated reading. Everyone stares at me and wonders why my "phone" wasn't taken away. Also during 6th period I was low but not low enough to go to the nurse, so I was eating a granola bar and my teacher told me(in front of the whole entire class) to throw that away, I know the rules, the garbage bin is behind me. I was walking forward to whisper to her that I was the diabetic in the letter she read, and she said (louder this time) that the garbage bin is over there. I had to tell her in front of the whole class (because she was in the middle of a speech when this happened) that it is medical related. Now everyone knows that something's wrong with me :(