Have you ever?

Have you ever had a low, and said something to your friends while low that you regret?

OMG!  Thankfully, that,s never happened to me...  but I can't wait to read some of the stories that have yet to be posted here!

I'll bite...being low affects me almost the same as being high as far as moodiness goes. So yeah, I've definitely pushed people away with comments I've made while low (and high) without really knowing what caused me to get pissed off in the first place.

I honestly didn't know that my diabetes was the cause of some (if not most) of the outbursts until coming on here and reading about people having the same issues related to feelings and their glucose, and also from discussing it with my endocrinologist and finding out that if your glucose is really high/low, your mood can be affected as well.

Fun little disease we all have!

     It's weird hearing someone tell you what you've said or done while your blood sugar was low.  I once told my my that  if we all went to our own rooms we would all match(whatever that means).  I tried to eat a french fry container.  I've been told that that I become more combative when my blood sugars get too low as well.  I'm sure that's a self defense mechanism that our body kick into gear when we are really struggling even when we don't realize it.

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      I tried to eat a french fry container. 


LOL  I really hope it was a small french fry container and not an extra-large one!

whenever i'm really low, ill drunk-dial (aka low-dial) people and have very strange conversations.  also, i IM people a lot.  Mostly the people figure out that i'm low, but sometimes they are very confused.  One time I talked to someone I barely knew and hadn't talked to for a year for an hour about glucose tabs.  Another time I wrote one of my class papers while I was low; I went back and read it when I woke up, and it was a very strange paper. :)

I have a friend, though, that's one of the sweetest people when her blood sugar is normal, but when she's low she'll cuss people out.  I feel so bad for her!

yea i have been known to cuss loudly or beat you up, especially at 2 am checks i also spit out whatever i have in my mouth ....embarrassing yes but im normally asleep. the only time i was up and remember was when me and my bf were watching a movie  and i was acting wierd and he had to carry me down the stairs all while i was kicking and screaming.....hes too good to me.lol i apologized for like a month..... another time i was at a church retreat and it was like 2 and i pushed my mom down and cussed her out in my sleep. i TRULY DON'T MEAN TO DO THESE THINGS but its good to know im not alone!!lol

Oh yes plenty of times. Sometimes my parents even yell at me because I have an "attitude" but truth is I'm just low. And some of my friends have gotten pretty angry with me for being mean also

I'm never mean when I'm low!  Its funny how it effects different people in different ways!  I cannot remember one time that I have ever been mean to someone!

I can get really, for lack of a better word, ditzy when I'm low.  I get irritable when I'm really high, but I've never hit or spit or cussed anyone out!

It reminds me of Steel Magnolias.  haha

i'll recant and say that most of my "not nice" events happened while my glucose was high. definitely get super irritable and don't want to deal with people. then again there are days when my numbers are fine and i dont' want to deal with people also...

when i'm low it's more of a mellow thing and the irritability only gets triggered if someone makes a big deal out of me being low like, "OMG we need to get you some sugar!" my dad and i were at lowes or home depot or somewhere this last saturday and i said that i felt low, but we were going to head home shortly so i wasn't making a big deal out of it he just said i looked out of it and i said "yeah i feel a little low." he got all, "do you need a sandwich? five dollar foot long? let's get you something to eat!" I wasn't that low anyway, when I tested I was only 75.

anyone else experience friends/parents overreacting when they're low?

I wouldn't say I regret the action, but I was down in Florida visiting a friend. He was having a new roommate moving in and her family was there with her. It was an uncomfortable situation because my friend is very OCD, the family crashed the house and was taking advantage of his hospitality. However, my friend was reacting in his passive aggressive manner and I sat there watching the entire Soap Opera play out, until one night when I was low I snapped at him for the games he was playing. I mean it worked out in the end, and he recanted but I was slightly ashamed about saying anything, as I normally do not snap at people in that manner.

LOL! LOVE YOUR QUOTE.  But wouldn't you use Splenda? to help lower the carbs some?

Well you could use Splenda to keep the Carbs down, but lemonade is just not the same when it is made with Splenda. I would rather add a little sugar and get the real taste.

Sadly I have, but lucklily my friends understand once I explain and apologize. I relize I just have to really think about what I say.

I get to belligerant.  Started a fight.  Didnt mean to.

i was at camp last summer and my friend was handing me a cupcake and i shoved it in her face then did something to a chair.. its so bad that i don't remember any of it. I wasn't even horribly low i don't think lol

Unfortunately I have many of times, I have told my friends that I hated them and didn't want to be friends with them anymore, I have even told them to get away and I didn't need them around they weren't any help to me, because I was low and I didn't know what was going on, but luckaly for me my friends knew what was going on and they didn't listen to me.

I normally get VERY ditzy and when it's happening it's like part of my brain is saying - uhh why are you saying these things but the stronger part is taking over and just being a real life ditz.

Also.. I've been known to undress and be very sexual when low. BUT that time I had been drinking and I was low. - not a good mix BTW

I feel so bad for my boyfriend though cause he has to deal with it whne it happens - I usually try to hit him and don't want to take any of the food or juice he's giving me.. and say very mean things to him like I hate you, don't touch me you evil man *add cuss words*

He always wants to tell me everything I did afterwards.. he thinks it's comical but I just get awfully embarassed about it..

Once we were moving and I was so low.. he went to get a key somewhere and gave me some juice cause at that point i was still aware enough to drink.

I left in a tanktop (in -20 weather) with his iPod Touch in my pocket.. and fell in a snowbank and lost his iPod.. he still is upset about that to this day - but I blacked out and can't remember a thing after falling into the snowbank.  Apparently I was able to walk to the street where he got me though??

If I ever have an attitude my boyfriend will be like, "what's your problem, is your blood sugar low?" or sometimes I'm really quite and he'll get mad at me for not talking. But then I can blame my moodiness on my bs sometimes :)

When I experience low blood sugars, I cry uncontrollabley. Its HORRIBLE! Also, I stomp my foot whether or not I am sitting or standing, and its always my right foot. Never the left...why that is...I don't know. Explaining this is literally making me cracking up! So, I am a stomping, crying fool. LOL! I don't recall ever saying anything mean though when I have a low. I have heard of those who do, but usually folks understand. Its wierd how lows control your emotions...:( I don't like that at all