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Hey everyone - Nads' post over at: http://juvenation.org/groups/coping_with_diabetes/forum/p/787/5376.aspx#5376 reminded me of something... 

Some friends and I had scheduled to go do a static line jump (yes, out of an airplane) at a local parachute club.  A week before we were supposed to go, there was a headline in the local paper about a T1D skydiver who had died during a jump.    He'd had a hypo on the way down, as it turned out.  Anyhow, when we got there and they asked if we had any medical conditions to report, I said "no."  I was afraid they wouldn't let me go if they found out I was a T1.  So I was wondering... Has anyone else here ever lied about or hidden their diabetes and if so can you tell us when and why?




I do that a lot, especially when I have an appointment with a new doctor that is in no way related to diabetes. I don't tell them because they only focus on it. For example, how I've dealt with the diagnosis over the years is no where near important enough to fill 45 minutes of a dentist appointment. I just go for a need to know basis because people who don't really know about the disease just assume that I will have a seizure and go into a coma as soon as they are in charge of caring for me.


So I am clear, the girl from Johns Hopkins lies to the majority of her health care providers as a matter of patterned approach?  LOL - sorry, I totally get it and I still find it just the least bit funny!  I take the longer path where I disclose and don't go back to practitioners who do not feel comfortable with D patients though I think I didn't bother to mention it a lot when I was a good bit younger...

It is frustrating dealing with people who should, by definition of their job, understand and who absolutely cannot get a grip...




I myself, have never lied or 'forgot' to mention it to doctors/nurses.  However it has been tempting because so often they tell you what you should be doing with your diabetes when really they don't know.  For instance I recently went to a walk in clinic and the doc took my blood pressure which was like 130 over 80 or something close and preceded to tell me that there are alot of meds I could take to help get it down ie the 130... He was all worried because I was a diabetic and started lecturing me on taking care of myself.  First of all 130 ... isnt that bad.... and I ALWAYS read higher at a docs office.... I tried telling him and he didnt listen.. its really quite frustrating. 

This other time looooooooooooong time ago I was candy striping ... check my bs and they wer 7.2 ... not bad I think (btw Im Canadian so we measure with dif numbers (we aim between 5and 8)  A nurse was near by and saw what I was doing and looked at me distasfully and said 'shouldnt you be at 3.5) Pfft. 

Anyways off topic sorry.

I have sometimes waited to tell people... friends even employers.... because you just don't know how they will react... it is something that is constantly on my mind... pretty much it sux... but waht can you do I guess. 

I have lied whenever I have gotten a massage.  I just don't let them do my feet (I hate my feet touched anyway).  I also lied when I went to Jenny Craig.  They wanted all kinds of notes signed by my doctor saying it was ok for me to eat their food.  It was none of their business and I am on the pump so my restrictions are different than other diabetics.  Other than that, I don't think I have lied about having T1. 

Haha, pretty much. Even better...I'm pre-med...

Yes- I have...well maybe not lied but just not said anything at all!  At my current job which I have been at for over two years, I did not tell anyone for awhile. I figured if something happened, someone would be able to help me since there are always at a minimum 5 nurses on duty! I, after a year of working there, became close enough to a nurse that I told and she was so understanding and had worked with several type one's when she was a school nurse. She is basically the only one that knows but it is nice to have at least one person that knows and you can trust.


But no..you're not the only one!

I tend not to disclose my T1 status when I am getting a manicure or pedicure. I know that they are worried that you might have a hard time healing if they nip your cuticles too closely or cut you. 1) I don't have neuropathy or circulatory problems, so healing isn't really an issue and 2) they shouldn't draw blood from anyone! I am a really terrible liar, so if they ask me directly, I have to tell the truth!

I don't make a habit of telling everyone I know that I am diabetic. If they see me test or inject and they ask, I will explain. I usually make sure we have a few minutes. If they say something like "you must have eaten a lot of sweets when you were younger", I need to know I have enough time to set them straight!!! At the risk of being pedantic, I always feel the need to answer people's questions about Type 1...there are so many misconceptions.