Have you ever...?

When you're on a trip and you have security checkpoints do you go through the big metal detectors? My brother has a pump (Medtronic) and it specifically says not to go through the metal detectors. So of course in NY theres a lot of places that have them. We would tell security that he cant go through and they said he could. Has anyone ever gone through them? They kept telling us that it was ok and that diabetics do it all the time but we refused to let him go. Because we didnt want to be responible if something would happen to the pump.

The warning is not for metal detectors. Those are fine, it is MRI and Catscans that you should avoid having the pump near as they can mess with the programming.

Pumps are fine, I have travelled with my pump a few times and I am sure others will back this up. It is the big things that affect the pump. Not that I have ever run into that problem.

Yea, I go through the detectors at the airport through stores ect.. My pump is 7 yrs old its fine. Brian is right MRI and Catscans they make you take it off I have had a few and i have to leave it out of the room.

I've been through metal dectectors before and my pump was just fine but when I had an xray yesterday they made me take it off because they said that it would mess with my pump and that's the only time I've had to take it off for testing. But I've never had to have a catscan or MRI so I wouldn't know about that aspect.


I was told when I got my pump that security checks shouldn't be a problem, but if I felt more comfortable with taking it off, I could hand it to the security person and just tell them its a diabetic machine and they should have no problem with it

Hope this helps!

Mine was fine walking throught the metal detectors.  I was in DC a few years ago, and in almost every building I walked through a metal detector before we could get into the main area.  It doesn't even set the beep off on the detector.

What you shouldn't do it put your pump through the x-ray path thing, like people have already said.  Just have your brother keep it on, and don't  put it with your carry-ons through that separate detector.