Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?

I had 4 permanent teeth removed as a child so there was room for my wisdom teeth when they can’t in. But I’ve had some do cavities over time, and when I needed in filing in one of my wisdom teeth my dentist said the cavity was so deep I should consider having it removed. They also advised having all 4 removed - so the remaining teeth would shift evenly or something, I don’t recall the exact details.
Anyway, last night I discovered I had lost a filling - there’s a big hole I can feel very easily, and I’ll be calling my dentist today. If he says the tooth must come out (or teeth) I’m trying to prep myself for the aftermath. Of course I’ll call my endo fit instructions on dosing, antibiotics, etc. but I’m wondering for those who had their wisdom teeth removed since they’ve been on insulin, what was it like in the days afterward? Were you able to eat? How long until you were able to return to normal activities (however you define them)? Any tips to ease things?
I’m in the process of upgrading to Control IQ but just started recently so am not there yet. I know it doesn’t do everything for you but I imagine it would be helpful so I’m curious: how is it at adjusting for “trauma” such as surgery - even oral? I understand it adjusts the basal rate for anticipated highs based on some complex algorithms, but I gather that’s based on basic day to day use. If you’ve used it and had surgery how has it worked out for you - did it with well, or did you have to make any manual adjustments? This may be covered in training but I’m not there yet and I am curious. If I do have them out I imagine it will be before I’m on Control IQ so I’m asking out of curiosity. Thanks.

Hi Dorie, I had 4 wisdom teeth removed while diabetic. So for a removal you typically don’t want to chew over stitches. So you go for soft food such as soups, pasta maybe some breads nothing sharp or crunchy. The pain meds don’t do anything to blood sugar, neither do antibiotics, unless you have an infection.

Nope I just bolused for carbs and that’s about it.

I fasted 2 days for a colonoscopy. Fun times. Used it to tune my basal rates.

Hope you feel better

Thanks for sharing - I’m hoping they can just fill it again and everything will be fine from now to eternity (hope springs eternal!) but we shall see. If you don’t mind my asking, how was the healing process?

Well for the lowers they were impacted and I was in pain (for me at 7 of 10 on the opioid scale) 3 days, then managed with Advil and in a week I was pretty good. I couldn’t eat solids for I think the first 2 days. Then I had a follow up and they said to just “go easy”.

The uppers were simple extractions and I was good at day 2. Got my fingers crossed for you if it helps!

Go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of those small bags of frozen peas. They mold onto your face much better than an ice pack. Just keep rotating them when they get warm. This will greatly reduce any swelling the first day after surgery.

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Enjoyable experience Dorie @wadawabbit! NO, but not as bad as I anticipated. Around 1990, I had three of the four removed to make room for my other teeth - my fourth wisdom tooth is “non-errupted” and would require more invasive procedures to remove so we decided not to push the envelop on developing infection.

Because of my diabetes, the dentist and the oral surgeon [both instructors at the graduate school of medicine] discussed diabetes with me and had me start an antibiotic regimen about a week before the removal; playing it safe. The most pain I remember was as the surgery numbing wore off and I think that all I needed to take was Advil after the first pain-killer tablet I took the first day.
This was before I began using a pump, and I continued using my long-lasting Humulin-N without changing dosage at night and bolused with Humulin-R for the carbs I had for meals. Yes, I had mostly heavy-body soups [slightly warmed and not too hot] for a day or two.

Good luck with your extractions. Be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly several times every day and especially after eating - until well after stitches are removed.

Dorie, another thought.
If Control IQ has not yet made itself familiar with your body, it may be worth waiting until after your extractions to begin. Control IQ spends the first few weeks studying the user’s body and how it reacts to insulin and food.

Thanks for this comment and the one above. I really speciation all your suggestions - if I have to have it done I will definitely be looking into antibiotics, and checking with my endo to see if I should make any adjustments or “play it by ear.” The few times I’ve had procedures requiring painkillers they made me so sick on the stomach I couldn’t rest; thankfully Advil and Aleve have airways worked well for me.
Thanks also for the tips about waiting until I’m done before starting CIQ. From your previous posts and others I’ve read - not to mention the pdf materials you suggested I start, I figured I should wait. Am still waiting to hear back from my initial “application.”
Dentist is at 8am. I guess I’ll know in a few hours what’s what!

Well so far I’ve dodged a bullet. The dentist could only see me briefly - as they told me when I made the appt - but he said it just looked like part of the filling had come out and could be fixed. They put in a temporary and I have a return visit to get the permanent one done. There is a very large filling in that tooth so it remains to be seen if he does recommend a root canal - I’ll find out in a couple of weeks.
Thanks everybody!


I’ve had a wisdom tooth removed. And it will be a little painful and swelling after but it’s ok. Nothing atrocious. Also. Don’t let them take out teeth that don’t need to be removed. They will push because it’s free money. But don’t do it. You may need em later. As you saw the mouth changes and decays.

Thanks for the reassurance. I’ve heard various things from people - although none recent now that I think about it so perhaps there have been some helpful advances. I have my temporary filling for the next week or so, and am hoping I’ll be able to leave this world with the ones I was born with. Hoping for the best! Thanks.