Have you worn a Minimed and an Omnipod?

If you have worn both an Omnipod and a Minimed - which one did you prefer and why?

Sorta. I currently have a MiniMed, but I tried a pod for a little while. I hated the Pod. It has bulky and ugly and painful. It's supposed to be "discreet", but if you like to wear even realatively tight clothes, It's pretty obvious. The MiniMed, of course, isn't perfect, but I like it much better. That's just me though.

I have and I like the OmniPod a lot better. For me it is a good size.(and i am not big) It is also wireless, so that is easy for me especially cuz I am doing track now, I dance a lot, and I do swimming in the summer. It works great for me.

Im actice most of the time that is why I prefer the omnipod. I love it better cuz im not attached to tubes. Its wireless so I feel more free about it. I can swim with it, unlike the minimed i would have to disconnect.

Yeah, see the tubing doesn't bother me...I guess that's just a personal preference. :) Best of luck!

i have to like minimed better because the omnipod wasnt available to me(maybe its cause i live in canada.). i havent started using it yet(super long training wait list). but i know i will love it

I have worn both and am an educator and trained people on both.  Most of the children under 10 like the omnipod because they don't have body image issues.  Quite a few of the teens I trained , particularly girls had issues of how to wear it without having a "lump" somemhere.  The biggest clinical issue was tape irritation since the tape area is so large.  When I used the omnipod I found it annoying that it had to be in the same place.  It might work for the day I put it on with those clothes but the next day I would have to find clothes to work for the pump.  As far as blood glucose control it was fine which is the most important thing.  So it really comes down to the personal preference and insurance coverage.  Good luck with pumping whichever you choose.  Itis the best way to manage your diabetes.

Liz Holst

i like the minimed pump the best over the omni pod cause the omni pod is to heavy. Another reason i prefer the minimed pump is because if you run out of insulin you can easily take it out and add more insulin where as if you have the omni pod you have to take it off and redo the whole thing. With sports the omni pod is to easy to rip out in sports. i have never really used an omni pod but i have tried one out for a couple of days with no insulin in it and i hated it. 

I was going to go on the OmniPod but after trying it on I found it to feel VERY heavy also. I am going to go back on the minimed pump. I know the tubing can be a pain but they do offer different lengths of tubing. I am just waiting for the day they invent insulin patches lol.

     I've been using my Omnipod for a short period of time.  This is my first pump experience, and I love it!   If I had to choose a different pump, it would be the One touch ping by Animas.  That, too, has a remote by which to control it.