Having a problem w/accidents

My 7 year old has been diabetic for 3 years now and suddenly he has started having accidents in his pants.  This occasionally happened in teh past if his blood sugar was high, but this is not the case.  He is having both peeing and some pooping accidents, says he doesn't know he's doing it.  has anyone else had a similar problem, don't know if it's diabetes related or not..  I asked a regular doctor about it and they never gave me a response.



I haven't heard of this symptom being related to diabetes, at least physiologically. It potentially could be if your son is having a hard time dealing with diabetes emotionally right now. I would suspect some sort of emotional problem that is being manifest this way instead of a physical problem contributing to it, but of course can't rule that out.  I would talk to a child psychologist or counselor and would also push your regular doctor for a response or a referral to a physchologist/physchiatrist. Or talk with your son's endo. I would not feel this is in anyway normal behavior and needs to get sorted out.

I would be very careful though to respond as neutrally as possible whenever your son has accidents. I know that will be incredibly hard, because who wants to clean up a big kids wet, or esp. poopy, clothes? But, like I said, I would suspect some sort of problem your son is having hard time putting into words and if you give him more opportunities to trust you to talk about it, he might open up to you.

Good luck.

Thank you for your response, I took my daughter in for a checkup today and cornered her doctor about the issue w/my son.  She thinks he might be constipated and need to be on laxatives for a few weeks.  This is a problem my son seems to have w/his diabetes, don't know why, but the doctors that diagnosed him w/Type 1 said constipation might be his long term issue. We keep him on fiber gummies daily which help.  But back to the doctor today said if he's constipated, or blocked it will put pressure on his bladder and his rectum so this could be the issue.  So here comes the start of miralax for a few weeks and see if this clears up his problem.


Your advise on the counselor is good to, we actually started him a couple months ago as he was starting to show some anger about having diabetes.  I hate diabetes, diabetes is stupid, I wish God would not have given me diabetes,ect so he's seeing someone to help him deal w/the issues he's having.  It helps though that he has great family support, great school nurse and his friends seem to be helpful instead of making fun of him, they seem interested in what he's doing. I hope that continues!

My daughter had the same thing.  They also said it was because of constipation.  She has been taking meds for it for almost a year and is doing great.  We have recently switched to more fruit and less meds and she is doing great.  It takes time and patience but it does get better!!!