Having children and being a diabetic

Hi everyone, i'm new to the site...thought i'd start with...What is everyones take on being diabetic and pregnancy? I have one healthy child already and my sugars were fabulous during but he was a nice surprise and my a1c was 13 when we found out...we were really scared for his health and safety..what have your experiences been like?

Hi Rachael,

There is a diabetes and pregnancy group where someone else had an 8.2 A1c and got pregnant. maybe you can join that group to get more answers? Here is the link.



Hi Rachel, I have two beautiful, healthy girls...I don't even know what my A1C was when I got pregnant with her...I wasn't monitoring my diabetes at all and I didn't know how...(I was diagnosed back when you had to test your urine to see how your blood sugar level was)...that was 30 years ago - wow. 

That pregnancy was very difficult...like you, I had great control during my pregnancy because my OBGYN helped me to figure it all out.  However I suffered from high blood pressure the last 2 months of pregnancy and was put on bed rest.  I gained so much weight and was so bloated.  I was taking HUGE shots, and I mean, STUPID HUGE amounts of insulin...right before she was born, for a normal-size meal (for example a piece of chicken, a roll, potatoes and veggies) I had to take 180 units of humalog...that's right - 180 units of humalog.  My body just absorbed it all and used only a little bit of it.  My baby was 5lbs. 5oz.  so small.

My second pregnancy was so much better...my A1C had been 5-7 for 5 years since my first daughter was born...I went full term with her and never had any problems...the largest shots I had to take with her were probalby in the 20 unit range...nothing campared to my first and I was very glad.

Other than being grouchy from not taking my happy pills while I was pregnant!  My husband jokes that my head spun around and I vomitted on him all the time...we were all happy for me to get back on those pills!

Wow kathy that is quite a story you have! I was on my insulin pump when I got pregnant with my little boy...He will be 5 in May. I'm trying to get my a1c around 7 so we can start trying and last time it was 7.1 so i went off my pill. However since, (the past 2 months) My sugars are giving me hell...Its really driving me bananas..I've never had good control, like I said except for when i was pregnant...

Thank you so much for telling me your story! Its comforting to know that ppl out there have similar things going on and i'm not the only one...tho, i wish our similiarities didnt have to  be diabetes! blech! lol...