Having problems with my Endocrinologist authorizing mail order prescriptions

To make a long story short... I'm over due for my endo doing blood work and exam so he won't authorize my mail order for testing supplies and humalog.

I would make an appointment but I can't afford the deductible right now. I don't have any problem paying for humalog because I have met the deductible for prescriptions.  Has anyone had trouble with this before?

I don't see why he just can't authorize the mail order. I have my blood sugar under control. I am 44 but I beat other bike riders in there 20's and 30's so my health is very good and I haven't felt this healthy since I was in my early 30's. I take very good care of myself. I have faxed my endo my daily logs showing my glucose, diet and workout logs. I told him about my lack of funds problem that I will have for a few months due to some unexpected house and car repairs that has come up.

I'm going to call a family practice doctor and I'm going to ask if they can authorize prescriptions because their office visits cost a lot less. 

I'm fed up with endocrinologists because I've never got much help from them. I have learned much more from fellow diabetics and nutritionists. In fact, it was a dietitian that helped me figure out how much insulin to take to get my glucose levels under control.   

You don't need an endo to get your prescriptions, any doctor can write the script for you.

It seems like there should be special rules for people using medications to treat chronic conditions like diabetes, but unfortunately all of our prescriptions need to be updated annually.  

When I didn't have insurance in the past I'd ask a doctors at Urgent Care  to update my prescriptions because they were cheaper than a regular doctor visit.

Thanks, I haven't had a chance yet to call a doctor yet but I will in a few hours.

I just don't understand why all the endo's I have met are so mean. They make me feel like it's my fault I have type 1 diabetes. Hopefully I can find a regular family practice doctor that treats me like a human.

I understand your frustration about endos.  Even they don't usually have much experience helping adults with type 1 diabetes.  And obviously we understand our diabetes and our lives better than they can.  I'm currently studying nursing to become a diabetes educator and have been disappointed by the outdated, condescending diabetes information taught in my classes.  

For someone who's had diabetes a long time it's helpful to have an family doctor or internist or endo who is knowledgable about the disease and cutting edge technology and drugs.  I've had my best luck finding a doctor by calling the scheduling nurse and explaining I'm a longtime type 1 with decent control, but a laid back approach in my day-to-day management.  So far I've gotten pretty good phyician recommendations because the schedulers know their doctors well.  Don't waste your time or money on a doctor who isn't helping you.  Find someone better.  

i agree and to chime in,  for survival purposes you could always buy Humulin R.  no prescription. Beware it doesn't work exactly like Humalog.  I have heard that there are mail order Pharmacies in Canada that don't require a prescritpion for analog lispro's like Humalog.  I have no expierience with them though.

Regarding your endo - that behavior would be grounds for dismissal.  I have an endo, I have an internist.  I love the admin at the internist's office, she is the one who responds to the mail-order renewals and only politely reminds me when I need to come in to keep our relationship up to date.  

insulin, and other replacement therapies (thyroid for example)  shouldn't require a script.  we have a long way to go before I'd call our health care sane, safe, or fair.

Hey thanks everybody.

I called a pharmacy where I had a prescription filled a few times in the past and he said I still have a refill for 1 vial of humalog. YES!!!! I also think I found a good doctor. I should be able to set an appointment some time next week.

That refill that I had which I didn't know about until now is such a stress reliever and quite literally, a life saver as well!