Having problems with the CGM bleeding after i insert it

Does anyone else have this problem where they have to try it about 5 or 6 times before they get it into a spot where it wont bleed? Please i am now at the point where i am not wearing it and i dont like not having it.

Kristie I ran into that problem from time to time. I am guessing you are using the Medtronic CGM? Sometimes using the serter if the angle is off a little it can cause a bleeder to happen. I had run into a few of them in the past. However, usually if I get it in it would stop after a few minutes. My CDE told me it was common to sometimes run into the bleeding sites. You might have to give the blood a chance to stop or try a different location totally. Where precisely are you doing the CGM right now?

I changed my sensor on Tuesday and it bled and would not stop until I took it out and changed it to another spot, I hated that I wasted that sensor it is so expensive. I got it the next time in a spot that didn't bleed, but I am worried that this will continue to happen and I can't afford to keep messing them up, I am thinking it is me the way or place I am putting them.

O i never knew the angle did it. And i usually put it on my stomach bcs its new to me and im afriaid to put it in other spots but i am rotating on my stomach.

I have had more success in my stomach than anywhere else.  I don't bleed as much but it is problematic due to my pant line rubbing against the site.  So I have been trying out my thighs.  The first time I couldn't stop the bleeding. I had to take the sensor out and try another spot.  However, the second time I did it, I didn't have a problem.  It did bleed a little bit once I started walking around a lot but then it quickly stopped.  I really do think it depends on how you insert it.  I try my best to make sure it is 45 - 60 degree angle.  I even get someone else to look at it and confirm the angle I am holding it at.  Don't get discouraged.  I think the pros far out weight the cons.   I am actually thinking of doing one of the free classes Medtronic offers because I did not like my trainer who taught me to use the CGM.  She was new and seemed unsure of a lot of things.    Oh, I almost forgot!  I had a problem one time where my sensor started bleeding a few days after I inserted it and it wouldn't stop so I called Medtronic about it.  The guy basically said if it doesn't look infected and doesn't hurt, don't worry about it.  That has kind of been my guide for both my pump and sensors.  If it doesn't hurt, it's fine!  Good Luck and I hope you get it worked out!

thanks ill keep that in mind

I've always thought that bleeding was normal after insertion. In my instructions, I was even told to wait for bleeding to stop before connecting the transmitter. Some people report getting the best readings from sensors that have bled more than others.  After removing the needle, have a tissue or cotton near by and gently press on the sensor entry point until the bleeding stops, do not pull it out.  Once it has stopped you can safely attach the transmitter.  Try inserting at a higher angle (over 45 degrees), this sometimes helps.

o my directions say if it bleeds take it out and do another one but ill re read it bcs its been awhile

Your post came at a perfect time. I just changed my sensor tonight and it won't stop bleeding. I have never had this problem before but I am thinking about taking it out. It had stopped for a bit but then my daughter, who is 1, bumped it when she was climbing onto my lap and now it is bleeding again. I never knew the angle of the sensor could cause this either. Nice to know I am not alone.

lol your definitly not alone