Having quite a scare

this morning i woke up with a 350 sugar + two numb fingers = i am freaking out, i know that numb fingers is the start of neuritis but is there possibly another reason i haven't taken the neuritis medicine in a while ( i was taking it as a precaution)  are my scares legit or am i just freaking out over nothing ?  

well i'm not a doctor or anything but i know how you feel about being worried. my fingers somtimes get numb too when i wake up. sometimes i think it's because i just slept on them wrong but i couldn't tell. don't worry too much about it, just talk to your doctor. :)

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome in your hands, it's common to wake up in the morning with finger numbness (according to the doctor I saw when I had carpal tunnel 2 years ago). But, I'd still mention it to your diabetes dr next time, esp if it doesn't get better... I hope it's just you slept funny.

A neurologist should be able to give you a test that will determine whether you have carpal tunnel, or not. The carpal nerve controls the muscles in the thumb, index finger and middle finger. The ulnar nerve controls the muscles in the remaining two fingers. More than 20 years ago I had surgeries on both nerves. The surgeries are very minor and I was an outpatient in both instances. I wore a soft cast for awhile and that was it. Very simple. The scars are hardly noticeable.

thanks all for the replies thankfully it was probably just me sleeping wrong it didn't happen again after this time so i guess it was nothing i told my doctor about it and she just said "you haven't been taking your thiotacid have you " : ) anyway i have payed closer attention now so as not to get these high numbers in the morning again. again thanks all for the replies