Having Second Thoughts? I'm confused

Hello All--

I am setting up to get the Omni Pod pump. I had left a post here about me being worried about insurance coverage and I had ended up with a few replies that said I should consider other options because the Pod was said not to be as reliable as wired or tubed pumps.

This kind of bums me out, because the Omni Pod fits my lifestyle perfectly. HOWEVER, I am not about to spend $7000 (or my insurance claim) on something that may not work out and then I'll end up having to have to get something else and spend all the money all over again. This is making me nervous and dissappointed, because I thought long and hard about this....I mean, it's the replacement for my pancreas!! I just thought I had done enough research and made the right decision. 

My question is...do many of you have the Omni Pod? How long have you had it? Have you had any complications? I just want some reassurance or advice. Like I said, I really want this pump, but NOT if it won't work well and keep me healthy.

Thank You, you guys always have the answers and make me feel better =) I appreciate any thoughts!


I am on the OmniPod and I am about 3 months pregnant. I not only depend on the this pump for my health, but I depend on it for baby growing inside of me. My hubby and I started talking about getting pregnant about 9 months ago. I was then on Lantus pens and Humalog pens. My A1C was 9.7! I went to see my endo and explained that my husband and I were ready to start a family, but I knew my health wasn't the best and I wanted to get everything under control first. The first thing my endo suggested was a pump. I have a friend on the Animas Ping and another friend on the Minimed. They are both great pumps, but personally did not fit my lifestyle. The only pump I would consider was the OmniPod. I did have a little struggle with my insurance company, but totally worth it. I had to file an appeal and had to get my doctors to write a letter for me. But after 3 months on the OmniPod my A1C went down from a 9.7 to a 6.8! That's a huge difference! I have had a "faulty pod" before. The alarm went off and it said "Occlusion in the cannula". I checked my blood sugar and I wasn't high, so obviously the alarm went off as soon as a problem was detected. The one thing I do advise (my endo told me to do this also) is to always change your pod (or infusion set) in the morning. That way you check your blood through out the day and if you are high then it's obvious you have a problem. You shouldn't change your pod right before bed because you might go all night without realizing there is a problem. With the OmniPod though there is an alarm and if you ever do have a faulty pod, trust me, that thing will screech until you deactivate the pod. It will let you know there is a problem! Personally, I think the OmniPod is a good pump. I'm happy with my decision. It really is a personal choice though and it's your money so make sure you know what you want. You can also go on YouTube and watch videos of the different pumps being used. I found that helped when I was researching different pumps. Good luck!



No experience with Omni Pod - but experience tells me that if it is what you want it will work.  I use a MiniMed .. but either way you have to be dedicated to get any results.  It seems you are newly diagnosed (I am sure it does not feel that way for you) ... don't eat the elephant all at once!



[quote user="Kelly"]I am not about to spend $7000 (or my insurance claim) on something that may not work out and then I'll end up having to have to get something else and spend all the money all over again. [/quote]

Hi Kelly... a couple of comments (I've been using Medtronic for 12 years, my daughter was on Animas for about 4 months, then medtronic for four years and has been on Omnipod for 16 months now).    These comments aren't really in any order... just my thoughts on Omnipod.

1)  I believe no matter which one you choose, you have a 30-day money back return policy.

2) my daughter has had some issues with pod sites.  It pretty much depends on where the pod is placed... her sides have worse absorption than her arms.   Now, she's skinny with very little fat.    We have more delivery failures with the Omnipod, but does that mean it's more prone or the others have less aggressive alarms for blockage?    We have better results if we rotate her pods every two days than three.  

3) my pump warranty expired in Feb (nice, right - seems like I should probably do something about that) and I'm still not sure what to get.  The Omnipod is big... that's a lot of "stuff" hanging on your arm.  It also can't go in hot tubs - which has come up way more often than I thought it would in the past 16 months.    But the lack of something clipped to your pants every day seems like it might be nice.   I use Dexcom CGM and Animas & Omnipod are both supposedly integrating with Dexcom soon.  Omnipod is supposed to be getting smaller profile (with reservoir that can be removed for hot water exposure, etc.).... but I've been hearing that for months.  

Hope this helps.  I'm going to send this link to a friend who just switched from Ping to Omnipod.  She just turned 30 - a bit more 'hip' than me.  :-) 

Thanks, Guys! You always help me with your great advice! I feel a lot better now. I think I'm just going to stick with my decision with the Pod. The 30 day guarantee is definately a plus. We are looking to start a family too, that is why I am getting on a pump soon, hoping that we are ready to start trying later this year. My A1C is 5.4 and I am on Humalog and Levemir injections as of now. I am seeing my endo this upcoming Tuesday to proceed with the process of getting my pump. I just want to be able to live a more "normal" life. Not to say my life is bad now that I have T1 diabetes, but just to make things easier and in check when I get pregnant. Things are finally starting to fall into place and I am picking up where I left off (before we had this little hiccup with getting diagnosed this past October). Great advice from everyone...I appreciate it very much.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR REASSURANCE, you guys rock. I am so glad that I found this site!!

Take Care =)


Hi Kelly,

Katie asked me to weigh in for you some thoughts on the Omnipod.  I was using the Animas Ping before I switched to the Omnipod.  When I told my doc I wanted to switch to the Omnipod he was more than surprised, he knew I LOVED my Ping.  I mean LOVED.  Little doubts began creeping up into my mind at that point, but I really really wanted to try the Omnipod.  There was an offer to switch to the Omnipod from any tubed pump for $199.95 and then they give you $50 back with your first pod re-order.  We decided to NOT run the PDM through insurance and pay the $200 (that way I can still upgrade when a likely more expensive integrated pump is on the market, whether it be Animas or Pod).  In the meantime, they don't take your old pump, so if I miss the strings I can just jump back and forth between the two.  Yeah, right.

Since being diagnosed with diabetes I always felt bogged down- there is soooo much stuff to remember and this stupid thing hanging on my waist and trying to find a place to hide it if I am wearing a bathing suit.  I gave up on the idea of dresses at all because hiding the pump was just too much of a hassle.  It was annoying, but I just accepted that was my life. 

Not anymore!  I am soooo in love with my Omnipod.  I have worn it in on my arms, stomach, back, and thighs with no issues whatsoever with sites.  Which kinda surprises me because just before I switched I started having issues with my Ping sites getting itchy and yucky after a day or so.  I figured a bigger thing would really give me trouble, especially with my sensative skin...but no.  This thing is AMAZING!  I feel so free- so naked!  HA!  I love wearing it on my arm. 

I am not going to lie, when I first got it and put it on my arm it took me a few hours to adjust.  It is obviously heavier than just an inset.  However, it is MUCH lighter and low profile than an entire pump.  You have to carry your pump somehow. 

Let me tell you a little about my lifestyle.  I am a mom of a 2 1/2 yr old son whose energy has been noted (by people that are not me) to be equivalent to that of 4 other boys his age.  I don't have time for mistakes or room for errors.  I am busy and tired.  We swim a minimum of once a week where said toddler clings onto me, jumps in, and I swim laps.  I run and get MAJOR sweaty at least once a week.  I work at a dog grooming salon where I get baths from huge stinky soapy dogs while trying to bathe them.  I restrain bucking pets who may or may not be trying to chomp me while cutting their nails.  Yes, I am active and spend a lot of time getting wet.  My Omnipod must just LOVE me because unless I peeled it off, it is clinging on for dear life.  I usually change every 3 days and haven't had any issues with sites or adhesive (I am in the healthy weight category for my height, so average sized).  And the insertion is effortless to say the least.  I always carry 1 pod and my insulin but that is all you need to change sites.  I don't have to remember an IV prep, a needle and resevoir, insulin, and an inset.  It's easy. 

Wearing it on my arm, I am a klutz, and I regularly run into walls while walking around corners, etc.  My poor little pods have taken quite the beating.  I had one instance where I knocked it just right and knocked the pod enough that I had to replace it.  Once in 2 months.  Not so bad for klutzy me.  I got tubing caught all the time (even with it tucked into my under-roos).  Changing the site is super easy and fast- I am much faster at it then I ever was with the Ping, even after I had 2 yrs practice with it.

I haven't had any occlusion issues, no failed delivery, nothing.  The first time I bolused with it I was surprised that it takes up to maybe a minute to deliver the bolus.  I think it's the whole wireless thing that slows it down a bit.  The toddler doesn't stop, so I plug in my bolus and shove the PDM in my pocket so I can keep running after him.  Well worth the tubelss-ness freedom in my mind.  

 I find that my insulin seems to work better wearing it on my arm.  I think absorption must be faster or something.  I am spending much more time in my desired range.  And that is taking into account that the Ping offers smaller insulin increments (of which I was between increments that the Omnipod offers).  I was doing 0.425u basal on the Ping, but Omnipod only does 0.4 or 0.45.  With the better 'uptake' I am running the 0.4u just fine.  (NOTE: These are my doses and not meant for medical advice or anything like that- no one on the internet see this and try it.  My doses are mine and will probably just end you up in the hospital).  Did I mention I'm paranoid? ;)

So, I think that's it.  Check it out.  Call the company and they should do the $200 deal thing for you.  The drug rep told me it expired in March but that they would honor it past then.  The money they make is in the pods, not the PDM.  If your insurance covers the pods you are golden. 

Oh, and like Katie said, they've been saying for months now that a smaller pod is on it's way.  I have heard that by summer the pods will be 40% smaller.  So in diabetes language that means hopefully 2012... ;)

My biggest issue now is that I am mad that I like it so much.  I have a feeling Animas will be releasing that integrated system before Omnipod...I really want an integrated system.  Really bad.  I am so mad because I can't go back to tubing.  I just set myself up to have to wait longer for the Omnipod integrated system to come out.  BTW, love the Dexcom too. :)

Let me know if I didn't answer something.  I have an opinion about everything, so feel free to ask. :)       



Thank you for your great wisdom. I am sure that I am going to get the OmniPod now! Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post, you made me feel so much better!! I have a lifestyle that doesn't mesh well with wires and a pump that latches on a belt loop.

In the winter I am an aggressive snowmobiler-- I take large jumps, do stunts, and fall off...A LOT. Thank God for helmets! I've actually rolled my snowmobile on top of me several times and I've also been ran over by my own snowmobile too! Don't ask... So, long story short, I need wireless and tubeless!

In summer I am at the lake practically every day water skiing, tubing, and swimming. I could totally see my infusion site getting ripped off or my tubing getting kinked/ripped with the things I do here, too. With the Pod, I can just stick it under my lifejacket and I'm good to go. We are planning on trying for kids later this year, so getting a pump is very needed for my husband and I too.

Before I did research on the Pod, I had my doubts too. I am a dental hygienist, do research and science is important when I am making decisions. I went to the site and watched every video, mailed in for the dummy pod, and I was very happy and impressed. I felt like they made the OmniPod FOR ME. Your post eases my mind and reassures me that I am making the right decision. 

BUT, just wanted to show my appreciation for your advice and encouragement!! Take care!