Having to have good control to get the pump to achieve good control

i have been a type 1 diabetic for 11 yrs. i was on the ump once for a year and had the best control of those 11 yrs. i went into dka because the canula came out while i was horseback riding and i didnt get my insulin. the drs didnt give me another chance on it.. i want to get back on it because i am having trouble controling it. right now hthis week it is going low to much and im in the hospital because of it.  they say i need 3 months of good control but they cant even control it in the hospital where they control my meds and food. so how can they expect me to control it. my a1c is up to 11. its like a vicious cycle, i need good control to get good control. any advice on how to get them to let me get back to pumping?

In order to get my pump, I had to submit blood sugars for 3 months as well as food logs and wear a continuous blood glucose monitor.  I don't know if there is anything you can ask to do specifically along those lines to prove that you are responsible and are trying to do the best you can.  I have been on the pump for about 2 years and have not seen an improvement so I am unsure what is going on with me.  I am glad that you had great control while you were able to be on the pump.  I don't understand why they wouldn't give you another chance when they knew the cause.  Doctors should be helping you be successful not shutting you out.  Could you get a second opinion?

Maybe they mistakenly think you aren't making a strong enough effort. I know that my daughter got a pump after 6 months with the disease because we showed we worked so hard at control and kept good records Not that it was ideal control. Her A1c went up a bit after the first few months on the pump. I think that was because she had fewer lows. She has had even more highs on the pump lately and it is driving me nuts. She will be more stable most of the day and then pop up over 300 for a couple hours. 


Once you get out of the hospital, I would look for another endocrinologist to get a second opinion with.

That seems weird that they would take away your pump after one instance of DKA, when we were told that was the biggest risk of pumping - going quickly into DKA. (It is less common on shots where you should always at least have the long-acting insulin working in the background).

I would talk with them to understand what they mean by 'good control' for 3 mos. I think you should be willing to test 6-10 times per day and log all carbs eaten, insulin given and activity. If you are regularly in contact with the endo's office for insulin adjustments for your shots, then they should see you are willing to do the work that the pump requires, even if your control (as measured by your A1C) doesn't actually improve that much.

My opinion is the biggest thing you need to be able to demonstrate is actually doing the tests and logging.