Having trouble in this moment

My nine year old was diagnosed a month ago and had his first number over 300 since he was diagnosed today. I know why, we just got pens and his lunchtime injection must not have worked properly. But seeing that number just felt like confirmation if I’m not watching him every second things will go sideways. It’s like that unreasonable fear you have with your newborn that if you don’t watch them breathe in their sleep, they might stop breathing. But now it’s like my fear is rational after all. Just thought maybe some of you could relate.

A little more data, please.

  1. when did your child eat last?
  2. Has the doc given you a correction procedure to get blood glucose down?
  3. Is there a plan to get your child on a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), like Dexcom G6?

I know how to treat it, no worries there. And we’re working through the process with our insurance to get the CGM. I cannot wait. I’m up every two hours or so at night with his current unpredictable levels due to honeymoon.

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It’s exhausting to monitor blood sugars and all the other details that go with this illness. And that’s just monitoring my diabetes; I can only begin to imagine what a mom goes through. After a lot of years with T1D, I’m learning to accept the variations in glucose levels. There are days when I do everything right, and the numbers come out wrong. That’s diabetes. And it wears you down. So try to take a few deep breaths, pay attention to the doctor, and remember to take care of yourself. And good luck with insurance!

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Hey, it can be really stress full and alot of work but it dose get easier. Your doing a great job if this is his first time that high in a month. I have been diabetic for years and my numbers go at least that high once a month. We can’t control everything all the time. You got this ! :slight_smile:


Have you started getting any sleep? Does your child want to participate and is that going well? Remember, you are a mother and are ‘hard wired’ to be this way.

The stress of managing T1D is real - and can be tiring. The swings up or down just happen. As kids grow, have hormone surges, emotions, these things will effect sugars as well. I have had T1D for 35 years, and my 10 yo son was diagnosed 6 mos ago. For as much as I know about managing, he still makes me scratch my head sometimes - and no, I don’t always get great sleep. We have a CGM that helps so much, but there are just times that he runs high, and we just have to deal with it. Hang in there! Remember that there is no perfection in T1D.