He just had to broke my heart

I dated this guy for 7 mouths and than in June 10. He broke my heart. It has been about 5 mouths since I last seen him. Than on last sundy I seen him for the 1st time since he broke my heart. And than I found out about 2 days ago that he has a girlfreind and he said "cause I like u" when I asked him why he want out with me in the 1st place. and now I am having a heard time with seeing him on sunday. It took me about 3 mouths to get over him which was all summer. And now i am having the same problem as before. I need some Advice Plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

jaimie, let me tell you a little something about boys... they aren't worth your tears, and when you find one who is, he'll only make you cry out of happiness. you have many, many years ahead of you to find love. enjoy your high school years and all the fun things that go a long with it. sadly, heartbreak is one of the many 'rites of passage' to growing up. just a few months after my long time bf and i broke up, he bought a house with his new honey. i was devastated. however, the more i thought about it, the more i realized we broke up for a reason. we simply weren't meant for each other. we had many, many differences. luckily for us, our break-up was mutual and we maintained a friendship, despite our heartbreak. obviously, it took me longer to recover than him, but i did recover :o)

just remember that you are a beautiful young woman. there are many opportunities ahead of you with lots of things for you to look forward to. this is just one small bump in your road. try not to dwell on it or think about it too much. our hearts are strong and they heal themselves with time :o) let your friends and family help you move on.

C gives great advice.  It's hard to see the huge mountain that's in front of you now as a small bump, but trust us - it is.  Heartbreak isn't easy, and it doesn't always leave you quickly.  But you can get past it.

Are there some other things you can do with your time so you won't be able to think about him as much?  Sports, clubs, church groups, any kind of volunteering?  Sometimes healthy distractions are necessary.

Good luck.  Many of us have been there, and have come through in tact to the other side.  :)

Thanks C for the advice

Kim I do go to church and I kown that I will get over him it will just take a little bit to do so. Thanks for the advice Kim and C.

We guys get our hearts broken too.

If he were right for you, you wouldn't be able to keep him away.  I have no advice for you, but I am sorry you are hurting.

*edit...  The picture of me with my two boys (now 3 boys, one is 3 weeks old) would never have been there if I did not get my heart broken.  Looking back, I am so happy the crazy lady broke my heart, so I could later find the right one.

[quote user="Michael"]

The picture of me with my two boys (now 3 boys, one is 3 weeks old) would never have been there if I did not get my heart broken.  Looking back, I am so happy the crazy lady broke my heart, so I could later find the right one.


Great point Michael. I remember my boyfriend before my husband. I thought he was the end-all, until he decided I was too goody-too-shoes for him and broke up with me. I was so heartbroken, but a really good friend of mine introduced me to Art a few weeks later. We've been married now nearly 22 years and have three amazing kids. If I hadn't had that heartbreak when I did, I might never have met him.

So Jaimie, the right guy will come along, and he will be good to you and never break your heart. You are an awesome girl, and you will find an awesome guy when the time is right.

Thanks Michelle, I think about that with my mom and dad they have been married for 23 years and have 3 kids that are age 20,17,15 and 1 soon to be 2 that are out of high school.

I kown that I will find the right guy when the time is right. I just need to wait intell them.

The waiting can be hard, but it's worth the wait if you find the right person to spend your life with.

Yes Michelle the waiting is hard

Hi Jaimie

You are not alone and it hurts for a boy as much as a girl. My 15 year old T1 son is going thru that right now. He really liked a girl and they talked all the time and said all the nice things but he FINALLY worked up the courage to ask her out she said "NO". No reason, just no. After many inquiries and many vague answers from her she finally said " Your like a brother and it would ruin things".  After recovering from that I kept at him to ask someone else to the homecoming dance and he got up the nerve with someone he was chattng with in his Math class and joking around and she said No.

He is feeling terrible but I know there are lots of girls who would love to go to this dance with someone who also get asked.

It doesn't matter if you have been dating for 7 months or just get No's it hurts. It is something that happens in high school.  No, its not fun, it hurts and the pain goes on but it does not last.  What you will find is that you will meet someone - at a ballgame, church, or the community swimming pool who matches what you like.

In high school guys have no idea of what is going on around them.  Looks like you found one of them early.

@Jamie Rose Chaffin C said all the good stuff, so I will just say this, every heartbreak teaches you a little about how to survive a challenge. And life, that's right, is just a series of challenges.

Stay positive, stay busy and stay away from him. Good luck!

Thanks Keith and Lia I am homschooled this year cause my dad dont like the school so I dont have to deal with him

I also agree with C.  And let me give you a little insight I gained after a relationship ended:  If that person doesn't want to be with you (whether it's because he's a jerk or because he just realizes he likes you as a friend), then it's so much better to not be in teh relationhsip.  It gives you a chance to heal from the broken heart and have fun with your friends, which will mean you'll be in better shape (emotionally) when someone else catches your eye.  (And that doesn't have to happen any time soon, by the way.  Being in a good relationship is nice, but I also really learned to love the freedom of being single!)

Hope you're feeling better!!! It will get better, I know as I am on my 3rd divorce. Try having someone you love choose a drug over you!!!