I am new to T1D. My daughter was diagnosed just 3 weeks ago. We are getting adjusted and learning something new every day. I think that she might be in the beginning of the Honeymoon stage. Her doctor has adjusted her insulin because she was having several lows. Now that we have made the adjustment she has had some blood sugar levels in the 200s. They have all been going back down into the normal range. My concern is that she keeps complaining of headaches and nothing seems to comfort her. Does anyone have experience with this kind of problem?


I am sorry. No one should have a disease! Highs are normal after a meal. 3 weeks is not enough time to figure it out. Just make sure she is not burning ketones and keep track of BG.

All will be fine!

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I feel so bad. It is pretty normal for the headaches after being diagnosed. When I was first diagnosed I remember having a lot of headaches and an all over weird feeling to my body once I started on insulin. At times it felt so horrible until I got adjusted to normal blood sugars. As her blood sugars stablize she will get to being herself again. I am not sure what you can do to help her with the headaches besides cold compresses, lots of hugs and maybe a prescription from the doctor? Have you talked to him about the headaches and whether you can give her something to alleviate the pain?

I hope she feels better soon!!

You’re still pretty new, and your daughter’s body is definitely still adjusting. Hopefully after a few months, it will get better. I have struggled with headaches my whole life, and I’m not sure if it’s a diabetes thing or not. I will say that my thyroid function often has a lot to do with how I’m feeling - I recently had to have my thyroid medication dose increased, and since then, my headaches have been less frequent. I’m sure your doctor tested her thyroid, so check in on that, also.

I am just coming up one year over having type one and i still get many headaches particually in the afternoon? Drinking lots of water and panadol if its really bad has helped for me. Just try not to focus on them. They they will become less frequent. Hope you guys get a handle of things soon :slight_smile: