Hi, my names Rachel. I was diagnosed with T1 Easter of 09 so I haven't even had diabetes for a year yet.
(I already hate it !!)

But i've been having headaches almost every day or every other day for over a month now and I was wondering if it has any relation to having diabetes. My blood sugars are controlled and are never too low or too high when I have these headaches. I've been put on migraine meds and every motrin, ibprophen.. etc and nothing works !!

Does anyone else have this problem or should I go to the docotors again?

when i have headaches, they are for 1 of 3 possible reasons:

1. low blood sugar

2. dehydration

3. horrible infection in my chest wall eating me from the inside out (my guess is that this is NOT happening to you)

Could I have a headache every day from dehydration though?

i suppose it's always possible, if you are consistently not getting enough liquids.

i rarely get headaches, so i always know something's wrong when i get them. i never take meds for them unless they're terrible. then i'll usually pop 2 aleve and try to lay down, or just close my eyes for a bit.

for some, i've heard if they have an MSG allergy it results in a headache. i've only known 1 person who had that, but i suppose that's always a possibility too. i don't know much about headaches, so i would guess if you've tried various remedies and still can't figure it out, you might have to take it back to your doctor.

You didn't recently kick a habit like caffeine or something of the like did you?

nope, ive been a coffee drinker but its never been an issue.

Hmmm well I'm out of ideas.  Helpful, I know.  You might just be prone to them.  My sister has that problem and takes two meds for them.  One for the prevention and one in case she develops a bad headache or migraine.  I wouldn't think that diabetes is related to them if you say that your blood sugar has been within the normal range when you experience them.  However, I could be wrong.  Maybe a trip to the neurologist would help.

This might sound silly, but have you had an eye exam lately? I had headaches all the time before I started wearing glasses (8-9 years ago) and when my head hurts a lot it sometimes indicates that I need a new glasses/contacts prescription. Just a thought.

Somethings that give me head aches

1.high BG

2.being tired

3.obnoxious loud sounds

Ways that help mine

1 Lots of water!

2 tylone

3 Food I know it sounds weird but somtimes your so hungry you don't even notice due to the pain of the headache

I get headaches all the time at least 3 x a week

I get headaches when Im high mostly. Sometimes when Im low or hugry.

I get headaches from time to time.  They are not debilitating, but they are annoying.  I've been T1 for 10 years so when I first noticed the headaches I had my eyes checked.   I know blood sugar levels (high) can affect your eyesight.  Even if your levels are fine now, it could be residual issues from when you were undiagnosed.  I had to wear glasses for the first 6 months I had diabetes because my eyes and head hurt but after that, I didn't need them anymore.

Now I think my headaches are a combination of dehydration and tension (I had long had issues with tension in my back, neck and jaw).  I take 2 Excedrin Tension Headache medicine and drink lots of water and they usually go away that day.  Sometimes taking a nap (ie relaxing) helps too.

Like you, I have no way of knowing if my headaches are related to my diabetes or not.  I don't remember getting them pre diabetes, but it's also hard to remember something as mundane as a headache from more than 10 years ago!!

Good luck, Rachel!

Thank you guys ! Its awesome to come back to the site and see people care to give me ideas =]

I actually had an eye exam last week and i do need glasses for distance so it might be headaches from eye strain or something (thats what my mom thinks).. So once I get the glasses and wear them for TV, computer and class maybe I will see improvement in how I feel.

Once again, thank you ! And after I get the glasses I will update !

The only headaches I get related to diabetes is when my blood sugar is high. So maybe it's not diabetes related, maybe you're just stressed out?

I get headaches for the rest of the day after a really bad low, but I doubt that is a cause for frequent ones! I also get bad sinus headaches from allergies. Do you have allergies?

I second the idea of excedrin migraine (my husband uses it for migraines, and it works so well, he doesn't need a prescription) and a visit to a neurologist if your primary care is out of ideas.

I went to a pediatric neurology conference last year for work, and the presenter said not to use over the counter pain killers more than 2 or 3 (sorry, I forgot the number) times a week or it causes rebound headaches when you skip them one day.

Hope you get this figured out!