Health insurance for moving to Australia

I am moving to Australia and I have tried to find international health insurance and/or health insurance in Australia and I have been denied to all companies because I have a pre-existing condition. Austrian's have international health insurance and a lot of companies or support systems there will not help me because I am not a citizen. It's frustrating because they accept other countries who have international health insurance. I applied to an international company (Citizens Secure) that claims they cover pre-existing conditions without a wait period but they denied me because I am diabetic. I have called JDRF of America and Australia as well as other agencies and they cannot provide me with any information and they keep on referring me to other agencies who refer me to other agencies and I've even been referred back to Citizens Secure. Does anyone have experience with moving abroad and getting insured for their diabetes? Also, if anyone does have experience with this issue was it an issue coming back to America? Did they consider it a gap of insurance?