Health Insurance reform-premium question

Anyone know if health insurance premiums will be limited for individuals with diabetes?  Our son suffered an injury when we had a lapse in health insurance and before he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.   When we were able to purchase insurance, he was "hi tiered" becasue of this injury (was an eye injury without permanent damage).   Several months later, he was diagnosed with type 1.  When I questioned Anthem about lowering the premiums, was told that he would always be hi tiered....seems that  this isn't right.


I feel your pain.  I have not seen anything that limits how much the villians can increase your premiums.  We are shopping for our plan now as well.  We have a small business w/ 7 people that are covered.  Anthem raised our rate 29% after a 30% increse the year before. 

It seems as though they are trying to make more $ now, just incase there is a squeeze as more of the laws take effect.  Good luck.