Healthy Baby Boy!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to post that on 6-8-12 i gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy!!!!!! Henry Lee, he weighed 7# 6.9oz!! I was induced at 39 weeks!! We are soooooo excited that he is finally here and healthy :) During this pregnancy my A1c ranged from 5.9-6.2. I wore a pump which i feel really help keep my sugars under control. The reward is just absolutley incredible!! Al the finger poking, and carb counting, and tons and tons of appts was all worth it !! Henry is also nursing very well which is a plus! They never gave him formula which was great! His blood sugars ranged from 68-109.  So hang in there ladies, all the hard work will pay off i promise!! Becomming a mommy is amazing and def hard to put into words how much joy and excitement a baby brings to your lives!!



Proud new momma Brittany <3 <3

He's beautiful Brittany!  Congratulations on your son.


Congratulations Brittany!!! A little motivation to keep going, much appreciated!!! Hes a cutie!

Congratulations Brittany!  He is adorable  8-)

Congratulations! He is precious :slight_smile:

Congratulations!   Enjoy every moment...

Great name! my boy is Henry as well!

awww Congrats!!!! He is so adorable!!!! I love his little hat!!!!

I am expecting my first in November and I just found out ... It's a Boy!!!

So awesome Gina!! Congrats! I'm loving the good vibes in this thread :)

He is absolutely PERFECT!!!  Congrats and good job with your control!  I am currently (almost) 10 weeks pregnant!  And we have decided not to find out the sex of the baby!!!  I'm very happy for you and pray that you get some rest now :)

Congrats, he is perfect!! Thanks for sharing your picture and success story!!