Healthy baby boy!

I’ve written multiple frantic posts on here when I was nervous about my pregnancy, so I wanted to share good news! Baby Ryan was born early this morning and he is doing great. He was 3 weeks early (not due to any known issues), but still weighed 7lbs 6oz. His blood sugar dropped a little after birth so he had a bit of formula. Not a huge issue. I went into the pregnancy completely terrified and really unsure if I could ever have a healthy baby. Now I’m a believer- it is possible! This message board has been great, so thanks to everyone who helped to make me feel better along the way.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! so happy for you!!! See told you it was possible! I want to see pics!!

xoxo g

Congratulations Jen.

Make sure to ask for help in the next few months. And test your blood sugar a lot. The post pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep can make you out of touch with your body. You don’t want to be in danger of a low when you are taking care of your baby.

Bless you and your wonderful son.

Congratulations! I’m happy to hear another success story! Hope you are doing well. :slight_smile:
I was born 3.5 weeks early and I weighted 7 lbs 6 oz too–strange coincidence!

Even though everyone kept saying it was possible to have a healthy baby, I had a hard time believing it! I think growing up being told that it was discouraged to have a baby kind of scarred me.

It has been difficult to remember to take care of myself, but I’m trying to make an effort because I know I have to. My sugars have been very low and I’ve had to cut my insulin back significantly- I’m taking much less than I did pre-pregnancy. Is this normal? Will it stay like this for awhile?


I have heard that that is normal but as I haven’t had a baby yet I’m not a good source lol


The extreme lows are normal in the months after giving birth. You’ll especially have them with breastfeeding. They should lessen within a month or two.

Mine started about 5 days after giving birth, when I realized any insulin I took made me low. I finally disconnected my pump and took no insulin at all for about 2 weeks! This was after having type 1 for 28 years. It should have been freeing but it was very stressful. It kind of made me feel crazy, like I’d imagined being diabetic all my life.

After a couple weeks my blood sugars slowly started rising and I first had to start back on basal insulin, then add back mealtime doses until I was back to pre-pregnancy levels.

My doctor attributed it to post-pregnancy hormones, lack of sleep, lack of food, and all the extra calories I was burning from breastfeeding. I am also convinced I still have some active islet cells, though when I’ve been tested in the years since, I come back negative for insulin production.

Keep snack food around. Stuff to make sandwiches, small chocolates or other candies that you can eat one handed. I also would keep a 7-up or juice with me when I breastfed because it takes a long time to feed and I’d sometimes go low in the middle.

The lows are very normal. It’s partly because of the post-pregnancy hormones and partly because of breastfeeding, which takes a lot of calories. You’re probably eating and sleeping less too.

About 5 days after giving birth my blood sugars were so low I disconnected my pump and used no insulin for about 2 weeks! This was after having type 1 for 28 years. It made me feel crazy, like I’d just made up that I was diabetic. It lasted about 2 weeks. Then I noticed my blood sugars increasing slightly and I reattached my pump for meal doses. Within about a week I was back to my pre-pregnancy doses and have continued to be diabetic (bummer!) for the 8 years since. For a little while there I thought becoming a mom cured my diabetes. =)

This crazy time you are in will not last long. Your baby is eating so much and keeping you awake because he’s growing at an incredible rate. It’s going to be okay. You’re not a bad mom if you take care of yourself along the way.