Healthy baby girl, born Jan 29!

A note of encouragement to all you hard-working diabetic mommies-to-be!


My baby girl, Esther Renae, was born January 29th, at 11:15pm, 7 lbs. 0 oz. 20 inches long, at 39 weeks, 5 days. She's beautiful and the hospital staff all said she doesn't look like an IDM (infant of a diabetic mother) at all. Her blood sugars never dipped below 45, the cutoff for supplimenting her feeding to bring up blood sugar.


I had her via c-section, non-diabetic related. Labored for two days with very little progression, and her heart-rate was starting to drop a little too much with the contractions, so we decided to do the section.


My diabetes control wasn't perfect, but she turned out perfect. A1C at 7.6 at conception, then 5.9 and 6.2.


Good luck everybody, and yes, you CAN have a healthy, beautiful baby in spite of your diabetes! :D