Heart break help

i had my heart broken for the second time but this time was worse than the last. does anyone have ideas/feedback on how to help. i would really appreciate it.

it will be ok. eventually.

would it help to hear other depressing love stories?

go out and fun with ur girl friends.  have fun and tell yourself your better off without them...always works for me

thx for the advice. and i dont need to hear other depressing love stories unless you really wanna share.

Heartbreak happens...it's inevitable and unfortunately part of life. You're still young though so it's safe to say you will experience it at least a couple more times in your life. It's just a process of growing and learning about yourself and/or the person or type of person you are meant to be with.

It sucks but everything heals with time. As was already mentioned, go hang out with your friends, stay active and do stuff to take your mind off of it. The best thing you can do at this point is to stay busy so you don't sit and dwell on it.

You'll be ok :)

Watch funny girly movies with your friends, always works!

I am really sorry that your heart was broken. I have a little bit of a different take on this than most of the replies. How about using this time to get to know yourself again. Find out what you like to do w/out this person, write your feelings down, maybe even list all the ways you are now better off. It is great to call up friends and go out but sometimes if you look within during tough times you will find gifts, power, and strength you never knew you had. I wish you the best.

have a girls day out and go shopping!! it worked for me, im sure it will for you

Drink :)

[quote user="Wolf"]

Drink :)


She's 13. . .

Have a fun weekend! Whether it's with friends or family, just do something that you like and take your mind off it!.. or stalk him on facebook for a few hours and then forget about him!

haha. great advice wolf. (don't listen to the man) :op


i agree with happy vegan. sadly, there is no cure for heartbreak, but with time your pain will heal. this is the best opportunity to take time for yourself. my long-time boyfriend and i broke up last january. while it was tough and very hard to get used to the loneliness, i managed to make it through. my family and friends were there for me, but i took a lot of time for myself as well. i watched movies, read books, and even bought some new make-up to make myself feel good about how i looked.

i'm so sorry you're hurting. remember you are strong and you will make it through this.

ahhh. i dont click on the profiles.     regardless....i never said alcohol :D

i am only 13, drinking, not an option.

LOL!!!!! Seb, i loved your advice, the part about stalking him on facebook. i would if i had one. that made me laugh though, thx.