Heart Problem and Nausea. Help!

A few weeks ago, I had crazy high blood pressre, I don't know what it was, but I was feeling sick, and suddnely I could hear my breathing (it sounded like darthvader echoing in my head) then I felt a wave (like my face turning white/red) and I almost passed out . I ended up having little spells like this basically non-stop for 4 days/Nights. Then it slowed down, Instead only once or twice a day I would have minor heart palpitations. I had a few more attacks like the first, but I never passed out. I went for a urine test 2 weeks ago, but nothing showed up.

THe last 2 days its picked up again. I've been having flu like symptoms, and my heart rate is been acting as crazy as it did those first 4 days. I haven't been drinking a lot of caffiene. and I've been drinking a lot of water. I have prevented myself from vomiting thus far, but just barely. Also I'm a lot weaker then I normally am when sick, and feel like passing out,

I'm a little worried about what's happening :/ I've looked up Tachycarida, and some other heart related things. and I've felt some connections. But I'm not sure. Also I've been having all the symptomes of keytosis, but haven't gotten keytones :/

I'm going to be seeing my doctor on Friday, and I plan to bring this up. But I just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about this. Because none of thw sites I've seen are for diabetics, so I want to know if there is any connections.

Answer ASAP thanks xxx

It could be anxiety causing this. You should see your doctor and if it is anxiety then see someone for help with it.

Next time it happens test your blood sugar.  Make sure to report all the info to your doctor on Friday.

Blood SUgar has been normal :p Its so weird, I've actually never had a healtheir lifestyle/Glucose levels then this before in my life..

I thought about that! Anxiety I mean. I didn't know what to think since I am literally the least stressed person I know (I don't believe in stressing over things that can't be helped, and if they can, why stress when you can be fixing things instead?).

I talked to my Doctor and she doesn't think its anxiety either. But I'm going to go and get a heart moniter thing hooked up to me for 24hours, and then we're just going to see what happens from there.

Thank's for the imput/Advice! Xx